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UAE/Dubai 6 Months Visa Fee/Price And How To Apply

Moving to UAE is one of the desires of everyone. Even those that love their current location want to get to know where is called Dubai. Well, Dubai as many describes it is a home for all. Multi-cultural diversity and the fun lifestyle make it an amazing place to stay.

The majority of the population in the UAE is not citizens but people from around the world. If you want to get a 6 Months Visa to stay in UAE, below we will be showing you all that you need to know including the fees and the price.

As we go further, just know that the UAE government has announced to give six months visa for people. With this announcement, many foreigners and even those seeking amnesty have just renewed their hope of saying in UAE.

Dubai 6 months visa

The UAE temporary Visa was introduced to help foreigners who have overdue in the country but still want to continue searching for jobs.

This new deal may sound promising, but before you jump for joy, we need to understand who is covered by this critical policy change and also the benefits. Read on as we go into details concerning this six months Visa stay in Dubai and its cost.

Who Are Eligible For the 6 Months Visa

The new visa category is offered to amnesty seekers who have applied for the 2018 Amnesty of the UAE government. This is for those who have incurred violations up until August 1 of this year.

Now through this program, illegal residents and visa violators will have more time to rectify their visa status within six months period. Most importantly, this will also give them time to look for a job that will help them apply for residency visas for the long term according to the law of FAIC federal Authority for identity and citizenship.

Requirements And Fees For Dubai 6 Months Visa

  • Passport size photographs
  • Original and valid passport
  • Copy of your emirates ID
  • Copy of your visa or visa status
  • AED 640 fees for the application

How to Apply For Dubai 6 Months Visa

If you have the above requirements, you can proceed with the application by visiting the nearest Tasheel centers, which are now located in AL Manara, AL Jafiliya immigration centers, and Al Twar.

Make sure to bring the documents mentioned above. The Visa process will take a minimum of three days for your temporary 6-month visa to be ready.

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