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James Tritton

James Tritton (Editor-in-Chief) | Articles on TechyLoud.com

James, a distinguished alumnus of MIT, where he specialized in Computer Science and Communications Technology, has an impressive academic foundation that underpins his expertise. With over a decade in the industry, he deciphers complex technology into easy how-tos. Known for his keen insights, James is dedicated to helping readers navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Niclas Heike (Senior Editor) | Articles on TechyLoud.com

Niclas Heike, a notable graduate of a German Tech University, boasts a robust academic background that forms the basis of his proficiency. With more than ten years of experience in the field, he simplifies intricate technological concepts into accessible tutorials. Renowned for his acute understanding, Niclas is committed to guiding readers through the swiftly changing terrain of the digital world.

Dennis Schubert (Senior Editor) | Articles on TechyLoud.com

Dennis, a seasoned journalist and holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of financial reporting for the tech industry. With a career spanning several years and companies he owns, he has a knack for translating complex economic and technological trends and data into engaging and comprehensible stories.

Phil Bretham

Phil Bretham (Editor) | Articles on TechyLoud.com

Phil, armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a rich history as the owner of a popular smartphone blog, stands out in the tech journalism landscape. His extensive background equips him with the unique ability to demystify the latest mobile technologies and trends for a wide audience. Known for his engaging and accessible writing style, Phil has a talent for bringing clarity and insight to the rapidly evolving world of smartphones, helping readers stay informed and tech-savvy in an ever-changing digital age.

Michelle Paulsen (Editor) | Articles on TechyLoud.com

Michelle, a former author for renowned tech publications TechCrunch and The Verge, has established herself as a prominent figure in technology journalism. With her deep industry knowledge and experience, she excels at breaking down complex tech topics into engaging, reader-friendly articles. Known for her sharp analysis and compelling storytelling, Michelle has a proven track record of enlightening readers about the latest tech trends and innovations.

Advisory Board

Maneesh Agrawala | Professor of Computer Science

Maneesh Agrawala (Wikipedia) is an esteemed computer scientist specializing in the fields of human-computer interaction and visualization. He currently serves as the Forest Baskett Professor of Computer Science and the Director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Stanford University. Agrawala’s pioneering work focuses on designing visual interfaces that enhance the ability to understand large datasets and complex information. His notable contributions include innovative tools for 2D and 3D graphics, video editing, and digital cartography. Agrawala’s research has earned him numerous accolades, including the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship in 2009, reflecting his significant impact in the intersection of computer science and visual communication.

He is part of our advisory board and supports TechyLoud with his vast knowledge of engineering and technology.