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Founded and launched in 2019, TechyLoud focuses on all technology topics. You’ll find high-quality guides that were researched in-depth. Our range of guides is supplemented by product reviews and daily news as well as tutorials and how-to articles. Our team is made of passionate and professional writers willing and eager to help you. We focus on current smartphones, smartwatches, and other household gadgets. We also cover reviews about iPhone, iPad, Android, other devices, and software such as apps and gaming consoles.

Since 2024, is part of the property set of …, a US media company with an international focus. We specialize in managing top-tier editorial online platforms, consistently maintaining editorial independence in our reporting.

Our team of high-quality and professional writers is based in the USA. The authors work according to the four-eyes principle: One author writes the article and another author checks it for facts, spelling, and grammar in order to maintain the high standards of our work.


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