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How to Share your Apple Screen with Ara Apple

If you contact apple for support, the representative at Apple may request you to share your screen with them. This is where comes into play.

Sharing your screen with Apple support is safe and there is no invasion of your privacy involved during this session. The support representative only has access to your share screen to guide you on steps to solve an issue and that is all to it. Through the screen-sharing software at, Apple agents will help and provide the required help.

In order to share your Apple iPhone, iPad, and macOS screen with an Apple advisor using the remote help feature of the Ara Apple program, you will need Apple screen session keys. This implies that users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers must download the screen-sharing application on their macOS device.

This blog entry will give you step-by-step tutorials on the Apple Ara. application to share your Apple Screen and macOS computer screen with an Apple support agent. Keep reading to find out how you can do this. - How to Share your Apple Screen – How to Share your Apple Screen

Things to Note Before Using

You need to note fraudulent who may pose as apple support and may share the wrong screen. Share your Screen wisely to avoid falling for the phony platform’s scheme to deny Apple device owners access to by passing off the fake website as the legitimate one.

Sharing your screen with an Apple advisor via or [email protected] rather than puts you at risk of losing important information because of the strength of internet scammers and hackers (the official web portal).

You can see how easy it is to clone the original site and make the fake look original. While sharing your screen with the Apple help agent you should make sure it is the right link you are using and not someone posing to get access to your device illegally.
The link I gave for instance in this post almost looks identical to that of Apple, That is what a fake “ screen share” platform URL will contain. Either a hyphen (“-“) or a @ sign, whilst the genuine Ara site does not. Scammers set up the bogus Apple Ara website to coerce Apple users into sharing their screens with the wrong advisor, who might then steal information without their consent.

Sharing your Apple device’s screen with an Apple support agent via the screen-sharing application shares everything on the screen. Your files won’t be accessible to the Apple support person who fixes your Apple screen; they will only be able to see them. But I cannot tell you whether that other site will guarantee your device not illegally access by someone else.

This malicious one set up for unselfish reasons may force you to download dangerous files onto your Apple device and compels you to download Apple Ara software from a source other than the official download source, this website does not require you to do either of those things.

If you other links other than the one officially given by Apple, you may be redirected to a phishing site that may still have your information or even be forced to another site to download the Apple screen-sharing app that may be dangerous.

Always be careful of the link you will use to download the screen-sharing app for Apple. If you see a hyphen or an @ sign, just know it is not the site to download your Apple screen-sharing app. Double-check always before you download. Download

The screen-sharing program has a geographical focus. Therefore, you must select your nation in order to download software from The Apple screen-sharing program will be downloaded to a different location if you choose a different option. When you want to share the screen of your Apple iPhone with a specialist on the other end, it is the only fundamental requirement that needs to be taken into account.

  • Visit now.
  • To select an area or place, click.
  • Choose your nation from the list of nations.
  • The terms and conditions are accepted.
  • Input your session key in the box.
  • To move forward, click the “Arrow” button.

You must now wait for the expert on the other end to begin screen sharing before sharing. If there is a document you wish to keep private from the Apple expert helping you, please do so.

Sharing screens on

Here’s how you share your Apple device’s screen with remote Apple help if you’re prepared to face them off with your session key and the software platform.

  • On your Apple device, go to
  • Accept the conditions of usage for screen-sharing with a helper.
  • The Ara session key for your screen-sharing support will be provided to you by an Apple advisor, who will authorize the request. Please enter the Ara session key and press the “Go” arrow.
  • The Ara program should be downloaded and saved to a folder. Go to the file folder, then click to launch the application by accepting the conditions of use (and install it on your Mac).
  • When the program is installed, you will see a chat area coming from the adviser, and you will be asked to agree to the conditions of use, including the sharing of your screen, in order to continue.
  • Red text will appear to show that you have shared your screen with Apple support.

Sharing Your Screen from a Mac

It’s just as simple to share your screen on a Mac as it is on an iPhone or iPad. Take these actions:

  • You consented to downloading and installing Apple Ara software on your Apple device.
  • You automatically consent to Apple advisors or helpers viewing your desktop.
  • The session will be captured and preserved in the Apple database for 30 days in order to provide quality service.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Apple support team will see anything on your Apple device’s screen in the interim. You should delete any sensitive files from the screen if you don’t want the helpers to see them.

Even though Apple support won’t be able to access your files without your permission, you should go to the trouble of hiding sensitive data that has nothing to do with the share-your-screen support that is necessary.