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15+ Best Games Like Episode (Without in App Purchases)

One of the best games that many would love to play is the Episode story app games. Why? Because it’s based on life situations just like you are watching movies. Another thing is that Episode games are also popular for both iPhone and Android. So if you don’t have any on your device right now, you are missing a lot.

All the stories on the game are categorized into different genres. You just have to choose any of the genres and get a story on it. Below, are the best episode like games you should download right now on your device.

All the game apps here are tested for both iPhone and Android. So you just have to choose any one of them and downloads. Best Games Like Episode to download for iPhone and Android

1. Choices


Choices are one of the best and also addictive gameplay for everyone. It’s available for Android and iPhone allows you to play a story according to your interest. There is an option on the game to choose your favorite topic and play story games on your device.

There are favorite topic and play story so you can easily choose anyone that interest you the most. You can still make new friends on the game and chat worth strangers online for free.

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2. Romance Club

Romance Club

This is another amazing Romantic game that comes in an episode. It features many random events to complete on your smartphone. This fantasy life stimulating game is for both Android and iPhone. It allows players to choose any character and complete the game with different levels.

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3. What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story brings you a story tales that come in the episode. It’s developed by Ludia. The games have an option to choose your path while playing it on your phone. You can even dress up with different fashion styles and be cool and stylish.

The good news is that it’s no wifi games and can be played offline as well. It has free and subscription packages with different features.

4. Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story

Here comes one of the most popular games for Android and iPhone. The Hollywood Story is an episode game for everyone. The game gives you chances to make a Hollywood star on your own story. It also lets you easily create a story and make a movie on your device with different characters.

Another great feature of the game is that it allows you to easily personalize your stars on your smartphone for free. You can also change dress, do makeup, hairstyles, fashion style, and shoot a movie to win auditions.

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5. Chapters


Chapters is an interactive story app for android and iPhone that allows players to enjoy online story games on their smartphones. It lets you choose your story with chapters and read different story pages for fun and lighten up your mood. It features different story topics as romance, young adult, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, drama series many more.

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6. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is also popular on its own and it’s for both Android and iOS. The game is a Capitalism simulator app to play. It allows you to make and establish your own business, hire employees, purchase cutting edge upgrades, dominate the market and many more for free.

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7. Linda Brown

Linda Brown

Linda Brown is an episode like a game that provides the best-rated love story for android and iOS. It listed a huge number of stories with full love and suspense.  It also has lots of animated characters so that you must enjoy feeling good as well. It also brings a high quality of cutscenes and graphics.

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8. High School Story

High School Story

The High School Story is another best game that was developed by Pixelberry Studios for Android and iOS. It’s a free game that allows you to add new and unique characters to your school and unlock exclusive stories.

It lets you unlock more than 30 different characters and also use it as cheating dating apps to dating your crush. You can also add your friends and play their stories.

9. Midnight Cinderella

Midnight Cinderella

The Midnight Cinderella is also an episode like games that bring a detailed life simulation game app in which Amy is desperate and her boyfriend Aaron doesn’t remember her after death. All you need is to remember him by telling their love story.

This is a real-life story and a real living game as it works by using your Geolocation. To enjoy the game, you much have to use the best Geo app.

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10. City of Love: Paris

City Love

The City of love is a romantic game developed by Ubisoft for Android and iOS. It brings you an option to create a love story of your choice and easily play. Furthermore, it also allows you to discover the Parisian lifestyle with a wide range of different activities. Another feature is that it lets you write and create beautiful love stories with different background colors and images.

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11. The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is another great episode like games that brings fun to Android and iOS users. The game is free and easy to play. You can even use it as a City building app to build your own City for free. It offers more winning prizes to you after collecting more peoples to your city.

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12. Amnesia


Amnesia is also popular and one of the best games to play. This episode game is available for both iPhone and Android users. It’s free to play but comes with some in-app purchases that bring some added features. You can use any of them. This game comes with some options that help to bring back your childhood memories.

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13. My Story

My Story

My Story is another interesting episode like games for everyone. In this episode game, you can easily choose your own path to shape your drama. It also comes with an option that you can use to add your daily story and also use reminder apps to remind your previous story.  It’s free to play and it’s entertaining as well.

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14. Journeys


Journeys is a romantic story episode game. It brings interactive series to choose and play your story on your device. One of the app’s great features is that it allows you to invite other players and also send unlimited messages to each player. You can choose your story and enjoy your interactive series.

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15. Hollywood U

Hollywood U

Hollywood U is another free and easy episode game to play. The game gives you the chance to make your own Hollywood story on your smartphone.  You can even dress up with the latest fashions, with dozens of high-fashion gowns and outfits. Also, you can choose your own path to frame and be a director, movie star, or fashionista and make movies.

16. My Candy Love

my candy love

My Candy Love is a dating game app for Android and iPhone. The game allows you to make your own love story on your device for free. To play the game, you must register and log in with your account. It has different episodes and each episode allows you to flirt with different partners.

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17 Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots

The Choice of Robots is an interactive sci-fi novel with more than 300,000 words. The game is based on a life event that allows you to save the world. There are different robots designed to change the world.

All you have to do is to show them the true meaning of love and care. Interestingly, you can create your own robot with different commands according to your self. The game work’s making use of amazing artificial intelligence techniques so that you can control your own robot with command.

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18. Champion of the Gods

Champion of the Gods

The Champion of the Gods is a story game app that lets you save people with different battle tools. It has an interactive novel with 217,000 words where you can easily control your story and make a new story for free.

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