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iPhone 12 Release Date, Price And Rumors

Many folks are already wondering what Apple is planning next year. Well, since Apple has released the iPhone 11 series with great features. Normally, we look forward to what the feature hold. the new 2020 Apple iPhone will be a great makeover of the 2019 iPhone 11 series.

Below is everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 smartphone from Apple, the FAQs, the iPhone 12 price in UAE, Dubai, USA, and the release date.

iPhone 12


iPhone 12 release date

If you want to know the date Apple is going to release its new iPhone in 2020 which will all know will come with the 5G network since it has become the latest trends in the smartphone world. The iPhone 12 will surely come with a fast 5G network and the release date will be around September 2020.

Recall that the iPhone 11 was announced on Sept 10. So the iPhone 12 will likely follow the same pattern again. We are also not doubting the possibility that Apple may announce the smartphone earlier than the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 price

If you are thinking that the iPhone 12 will be more affordable or even more expensive than the iPhone 11, then this part should be of utmost to you. Since we are expecting the 5G network to be equipped on the iPhone, the price of the iPhone 12 will be higher than the iPhone 11. Remember the Galaxy S10 5G is selling for $1,299.

The iPhone 12 will be priced around 3,700 AED in UAE, Dubai, while in the USA, the iPhone is expected to cost around $1,000.

The premium version which is S10+ is higher than that. So we are not expecting the 5G model of the iPhone 12 to be cheaper than the iPhone 11. However, before then, the 5G smartphone will drop.

iPhone 12 5G

We have been mentioning 5G on Apple 2020, but the question is, will the new iPhone 12 come with a 5G network? Would you answer yes? Well from a reliable source, the Apple iPhone 12 will be available in three different models. We will be getting 5.4 inches, another at 6.1 inches and the largest variant measuring 6.7 inches.

Kuo previously forecasts that the 5.4- and 6.7-inch models will feature 5G, while the 6.1-inch handset will essentially remain Apple’s iPhone XR successor for 2020 and will only feature 4G LTE. However, he later revised his prediction saying that all the Apple iPhone 12 series will come with a 5G network even with the cheaper model which will be the XR successor.

The three smartphones will come with an OLED display, meaning 2019 could be the last year in which Apple offers a new LCD-powered iPhone.

Will iPhone 12 Support mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G

You should know that the only smartphone in the United States that support the 5G network is the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the LG V50 ThinQ. These smartphones are restricted to mmWave side of the spectrum.

The downside is that it only provides extremely low latency connectivity with gigabit-caliber speeds, with the caveat of extreme sensitivity to physical obstructions.

As for the Sub-6-GHz spectrum, its much similar to conventional LTE networks, it’s slower but penetrate buildings and walls. The 5G smartphone makes use of an X50 5G modem to connect to mmWave networks.

It’s only Qualcomm’s next 5G modem which is the X55 that will supports sub-6GHz. This means any device with the new hardware will support a full 5G network in its different specifications.

The report has it that Apple will work with Qualcomm and Samsung to supply its 2020 iPhones with modems from both companies that can connect to both mmWave and sub-6GHz networks respectively.

Kuo went further to reveal via CNBC that the Qualcomm’s development has been centered around mmWave, while Samsung has concentrated on sub-6GHz, so Apple may choose to employ a particular firm’s chip in a certain region depending on where mmWave or sub-6GHz popular.

iPhone 12 camera

Apart from the 5G that will be equipped on the new iPhone 12, the phone is expected to come with an impressive camera setup. the new iPhone will still maintain the triple rear camera on the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

However, Apple may also decide to add a new lens which will be a time-of-flight sensor. This time-of-flight sensor will accurately judge distances. It helps to create better bokeh effects on portrait shots.

This means the upcoming iPhone 12 2020 will support augmented reality apps, which have been an increasing area of focus at Apple in recent years. Another report also explains that Apple could introduce depth-sensing time-of-flight cameras on its 2020 roster which is capable of scanning a whole room.

iPhone 12

Features You Should Expect On iPhone 12

This year iPhone ditch the 3D Touch, which enables pressure-sensitive contextual actions on Apple smartphone, next year may bring the great feature back. Apple may enable fingerprint recognition anywhere on the display.

As for the display and design, the iPhone 2020 could be the answer to some folks’ prayer. Yes, the trending notch on Apple’s current smartphone may be on its way out.

A China Times report revealed that Apple may remove the notch, bringing a notch-free iPhone in a long while could arrive by 2020. The display may come with a 120 Hz refresh rate would mean a smoother scrolling display than ever.


As you can see, the iPhone 12 features are attractive and given the absent of notch and the 5G network, you might want to skip the iPhone 11 series and wait for the new iPhone 12 2020.

It’s not a bad idea to upgrade to a new iPhone 11 smartphone. Besides the iPhone 11 is even more affordable than its predecessor. There are still other great features of the iPhone 12 we don’t know yet but promise to update you with more information. Before then, check out the iPhone 11 series features and the price.

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