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iPhone XR2 Price in UAE Dubai And Release Date

In case you care to Know, Apple new iPhone of 2019 is the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone XR2. Here we have got the render revealing the iPhone XR2 which is the affordable version of the iPhone 11 smartphone. The phone will be available in the UAE and will sell at an affordable price in Dubai just like the iPhone XR.

iPhone XR2

It’s Apple way of solving the problem of their expensive device which we all know that not all will afford it. So the iPhone XR2 will be more affordable than the two brothers. The iPhone XR2 is coming with a dual rear camera which is an upgrade and the specs on the inside are more promising than it’s predecessor, while the bad news is that the dual camera is still in a square which seems to be Apple new design. Well, not all will love this design but definitely many will still adopt and buy this new idea from Apple.

I don’t know about you but as for me, there’s nothing wrong in trying new things or bringing new ideas to the table. So let’s give them a thumb up. The iPhone XR2 comes in a new color option which is not that attractive though, however, will also make the best combination to some. The new square dual camera is part of the Apple marketing strategy.

Although equipping the phone with the same camera design on the iPhone XS would have been just fine, however, from the looks of things, Apple wants to be reminding their consumers that this is the affordable version of their new iPhone 11. The phone also ditches the popular horizon mute switch for the smaller, vertical mute slider used on iPads as well. This, however, is part of the new changes Apple is bringing. Not that too bad though.

Apple will also equip this phone with reverse wireless charging and it will also come with the latest Apple A13 chipset which is already in mass production. The battery has always been an issue facing the Apple company, so this time around they may address the issue by equipping the phone with bigger battery capacity.

iPhone XR2 Price in UAE Dubai And Release Date

The iPhone XR2 is the successor of the iPhone XR, so the phone will cost higher than the iPhone XR.
The price is not yet official nor the release date announced. So we just have to wait and hear from Apple first.