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how to get imessage Windows PC With or Without Mac

We can imagine that there are folks who would love to enjoy some of that iMessages goodness, even when they own a Windows PC. Well, it is not entirely impossible to access iMessages from a Windows PC, we must state that it isn’t exactly easy either; Apple isn’t all that liberal with its proprietary mobile messaging service. But the logic is, that if you really want to get iMessages on Windows, you wouldn’t mind the not-so-easy process anyway.
So, here are some of the neat tricks you could use to get iMessages on your Windows PC.


Use the Chrome Remote Desktop service

This method is the most authentic way to access iMessages on a Windows PC, especially after the last iMessages update. However, this method would require you to have access to a Mac also. You would then use the Chrome Remote Desktop service to link the Mac with your Windows PC. Promptly install Google Chrome and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on the Mac and PC. Launch the application on both computers; click on “Get Started” under “My Computer”.

Afterward, click on the “Enable Remote Connection” on the Mac, and then download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. Open the installer and follow the instructions to finish the installation. Once the installation is done, you can remotely connect both computers, and can now access iMessages on your Windows PC.

Use an iOS Emulator

If you do not have access to a Mac, or the previous process is just too cumbersome for you, you could just install an iOS emulator anyway. IOS emulators are third-party software that creates a virtual iOS environment for Windows PC (and Linux too), allowing you to access iOS apps.

There are a lot of iOS emulators to choose from, but beware; these emulators could introduce unwanted software (or malware even) into your PC. Some emulators you could check out include iPadian, APP.IO, SmartFace, iPhone Simulator.

Use iPhone Data Recovery

If all you want is to just view your iMessages history and logs on a Windows PC (assuming you have iPhone or iPad), all you just need is iPhone Data Recovery Service. This software would allow you to view all your iMessage chat logs and history. A very good example is the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery. As mentioned earlier, you’ve got to have iMessages running on an iPhone or iPad; you can only use this method to view chat history and logs on your Windows PC.

iMessages on Windows FAQs

Is there a way to get iMessages on Windows?

The aforelisted methods are ways to get iMessage on your Windows PC.

Can I get iMessages on Windows 10?

Officially, No. but you could get yourself a good iOS emulator, and from there access iMessages.

Can I view iMessages on PC?

Sure! But you’d need to use Chrome Remote Desktop extension or an iPhone Data Recovery service.

How do I see iMessages history?

Yes, if you use an iPhone Data Recovery service.

Can I send and receive iMessage texts on my Windows PC?

Well, technically, no. Unless you use the Chrome Remote Desktop or an iOS emulator.

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