iPhone 11 Price in UAE Dubai And Release Date

Apple new latest smartphone of 2019 is the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone XR2. The iPhone 11 will soon be official and will start selling in UEA anytime soon after the official announcement.
So for now, let’s looks at the phone design concept and see what it has for us.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Price in UAE And Release Date

The iPhone 11 price in UAE is not yet official, however, the phone is expected to cost higher than the iPhone XS that was launched last year. The handset is a work in progress and it’s expected to be released before we enter the ember Month. So expect the iPhone 11 in Dubai anytime soon.

iPhone 11 Specifications

The iPhone 11 is coming in a new dimension. In fact, the concept of the phone has to reveal sometimes that is different from what we have been seeing from Apple. It’s true that Apple wants to equip its next Phone with triple rear camera set-up. As you can see from the image above, the iPhone 11 comes with a triple rear camera with an LED flash in a square.

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This design has sparked more rumors and debate among fans and it has almost taken over the Internet discussion more than the final season of Game of Thrones. Although the specifications are still not available yet, however, the camera seen on the back will surely bring something that is more capable to even beat the Huawei P30 smartphone and the Galaxy S10.

So Apple could pay more attention to this area than before since the competition is getting high than never before. Another area where Apple makes some changes is on the mute switch.  Finally, they drop the popular horizon mechanism used on all iPhone’s and decided to choose the vertical slider used on iPads which has a smaller area for your finger to push in. Apple also tries to hide the notch using Wallpaper but it’s still visible on the phone.

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