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How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Updating on iPhone

It has come to our notice that some people are still finding it difficult to connect or login to Yahoo email account using their iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11  Pro, XS, XS Max, and XR or any iPhone device. Sometimes this issue can occur when you start seeing a pop-up message on your iPhone that iOS “Cannot Get Mail” or “Connection to the server failed.

With this kind of error, you will be unable to receive or read emails, delete accounts, or add accounts using the Yahoo App or email. This problem can occur due to one thing or the other. Many can easily be fixed by just deleting the account and reinstalling it again. However, in some cases, this can not be fixed.

Another thing that we noticed is that it’s mostly the iPhone X series that face this kind of issue. So if you are experiencing the same problem on your iPhone, just bear in mind that many people are facing the same problem as well. So you are not alone.

In this article, we will try as much as possible to provide relevant tips that will help you fixed the problem in no time. Before starting the troubleshooting, it will be wise to check if the Yahoo server is down.


How do you know this? issues that show when the Yahoo server is down.

Issue 1. If you delete the Yahoo email account from your iPhone or iPad and now unable to add it back, likely, the server is down.

Issue 2. If you can’t sign in to your Yahoo email account using your correct password, just know that the server is down.

Yahoo Mail Not Updating Fixed

Another signed that the Yahoo server is down is when you can’t get past the Yahoo mail welcome screen.
This kind of problem normally occurs when there’s a problem with the Yahoo server or the communications between Apple’s Mail servers and Yahoo.

To check if the problem is from Yahoo, look for sites like Down Detector and type in Yahoo mail to check if the server is down.

Download Yahoo Mail App for iOS or the Web Version

Sometimes, most of the problems are cursed between Yahoo’s Servers and Apple’s Mail Servers.
So try logging in through the Yahoo mail App which you can easily get from the Apple store. Or better still, through an internet web browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) on your Mac, PC iPhone or iPad.
After having access to your Yahoo email account using any of the methods above, the first thing to do is to change the mail security settings.

You can do this on your profile by logging in through the Web browser, not the app.

On your profile, tap on the Account Security Settings.

Now turn on the option Allow Apps that use less secure Sign in

After that, follow the steps below to make some changes to your iPhone.

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How To To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Updating on iPhone X Series

Step 1: Logout of the apple mail and quit the app.

Step 2: Tap on Settings > Passwords & Accounts (or Accounts and Passwords), and then tap on your Yahoo mail account

Step 3: Tap on Delete Account’ in Red font and confirm (This will remove the existing Yahoo account on your iPhone but you still have your account intact on Yahoo server)

Step 4: Reboot/Restart your iPhone

Step 5: Add the same Yahoo account again on your iPhone by going to Settings > Accounts > Passwords and choose Add Account.

Step 6: On the screen option, choose others in place of Yahoo at the bottom of the list.

Step 7: Now tap on Add Mail Account’ under ‘MAIL’ subheading

Step 8: Fill in the details of the account and tap on Next’ at the top right of the screen.

Step 9: On this option, enter this on the Incoming Mail Server same way below…

Host Name=
User name= Your username
Password= Your password

On the Outgoing Mail Server, enter this…

Host Name=
User name= Your username
Password= Your password

And then tap on next

Step 10: You have successfully configured your Yahoo email account on your iPhone and they will start updating now.

Another complaint from some users is that the email updates for some time and later stop. To fixed this minor issue you will need to switch the fetch settings to manual.

On the Accounts and Passwords screen, Tap on Fetch New Data and under FETCH configure it to Manually.

Once you have done this, anytime you want to update your email, just scroll down the screen from the top, and it will update your mailbox with new and latest emails on your iPhone.

Hope this article helps you to fixed your problem. Use the comment box if you have any questions and don’t forget to share if you find this piece of information helpful.

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