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How to Add Friends On Game Center in iOS 15

I don’t know about you, but if you asked me, I will rather watch movies than play a game alone. All the fun of mobile games only comes with friends. If you are playing the Apple Arcade game and want to enjoy it with your friends, you will have to invite them using the Game Center and iMessage on your iPhone or iPad.

You must have been aware that Apple Arcade uses iCloud and Game Center for game progress, game saves, and managing friends as well on your devices that are signed in to iCloud and Game Center.

This is to say if you play an Apple Arcade game on your phone running iOS 13, and then download the same Apple Arcade game on the Apple tv, use the same Apple ID account, all your details including your game points will be sync instantly.

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How to invite a friend to Game Center in iOS 15 and iPadOS

You can use the Game Center app for managing contacts and can be used to locate ‘Nearby’ players’. Here’s how to do that and invite a friend to join your game.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Game Center
Step 2: Tap on Add Friends
Step 3: This will open up iMessage
Step 4: Now select the contact from your list of contacts by clicking on ‘+’
Step 5: Enter the phone number of the friend
Step 6: Then click on Send.

Now the friend will receive an invitation from your phone over the iMessage. However, your friend you are sending the invitation must upgrade their iOS device to iOS 13 or iPadOS for the whole process to work.

How To accept Game Center friend requests and add friends

Apple required that your friend you are sending the request is on iOS 13 or iPadOS before they can accept the friend request and play with you in the multiplayer game. To accept a friend request to add the friend into your game center, you will have the top open the iMessage and choose to Accept’ on the request.

Step 1: Open the Notification ‘You received a Game Center Freind Request’
Step 2: Next tap on Accept on the iMessage thread from the sender
Step 3: The button will turn to ‘Accepted
Step 4: Tap on Settings > Game Center > Friends and confirm that the contact is added.

How to removed friends in Game Center on iOS 15 or iPadOS

To remove any friend from your Game center is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Game Center
Step 2: Tap on Friends
Step 3: Now locate the contact that you want to remove
Step 4: Swipe to left on the contact
Step 5: Finally, tap on ‘Remove’ to remove the friend

How to fix cannot send a friend request, error communicating with the Server message

We noticed some complaint from user’s that tried adding a new friend to the Game center but it didn’t work out. Below is how to fix such error or error communicating with server message’. If you find yourself stuck with this error, try the following…

Step 1: Make sure that everything including the Apple iCloud servers is working. Go to System Status of Game Center
Step 2: Tap on Settings > ScreenTim
Step 3: Choose Content & Privacy Restrictions
Step 4: Tap on Content Restrictions
Step 5: Tap on Game Center and choose ‘Adding friends
Step 6: Make sure that option is enabled.

If this option is enabled and you are still encountering error adding friend. You should try resetting your network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset.  You should remember to write down your network credentials before tapping on the Resetting option to re-enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Once your device restarts, check about and see if the error has been fixed.

How To Enable Game Center for iCloud in iOS 15 and iPadOS

For those that have not done that, below is how to enable iCloud for Game Center. This feature will ensure your list of friends available on all your iOS devices. The Game Center helps you in storing and syncing the information across all your devices. Below is how to do that.

Step 1: Tap on Settings > Apple ID
Step 2: Tap on iCloud
Step 3: Scroll down and tap on ‘Game Center’ on the list of apps
Step 4: You can now enable Game Center for iCloud here.

This will ensure your player data including gameplay data is made available across all the Apple devices that use the same Apple ID. Even though you later cancel your Apple Arcade subscription for any reason, when you resubscribed you can still access your gameplay data.

How to use Apple Arcade on your Apple TV

Apple also offers multi-user support starting with tvOS 13. It allows you to still access Apple Arcade when you switch Apple ID on your TV. Below is how to manually go in and change your Game center profile to access Gameplay data that was saved on another device.

Open Apple TV, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Game Center. When you syn in and was unable to find your game save data on your Apple device, it’s either you’re not using the right Apple ID to sync in.

Nevertheless, you should try syncing out and then syn in again and see if it works. This tip has helped some and we hope you find it useful as well. Use the comments box if you have any questions and don’t forget to share this as well.

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