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How to Fix Ring Doorbell Notification Not Ringing On iPhone

As the world keeps advancing in technology, Smart home seems to be taking over what we are used to. Now we have different smart home devices like internet-connected doorbells or cameras which makes our life more secure and easy. On that part of the doorbell ring security camera, this notification is very essential in keeping our homes secure.

Sometimes we might run into a problem with the doorbell ring notification which can cause by many factors. Before we dive into the solution on how to fix doorbell notification on the iPhone, let’s explain first the term, Ring Notification.

Ring notifications

What are Ring notifications?

Rings products are basically home security cameras that let you see, hear and even speak to people right from your smartphone which can be iPhone or Android device. For example, the Rings various video doorbells can detect motion and then send a notification to your iPhone or Android.

On tapping the notification on your iPhone, you will quickly see the video of who is at your doorstep. You can even have a full conversation through your iPhone even though you are not at home at the moment.

Ring notification

How To Set Up Ring notifications on iPhone

To set up Ring notifications on your iPhone, you’ll need to configure your iOS correctly. Before you can do that, you will have to download the app, create an account and activate it on your device. Follow the steps below to set-up Ring notifications on your iPhone

Step 1: Open the App settings

Step 2: Scroll down until you see Ring

Step 3: From the menu, tap on the notification. This will recommend that you toggle in every notification enabled for the best usage.

Step 4: Make sure they’re all in green

Step 5: Choose an alert style.

After that, you will start receiving a motion detector and visitor alerts on your iPhone device. Remember, you will have to tap on alert to see who is on your door when the notification comes into your phone. Another thing is that you will need to give the Ring app access to your device’s microphone so that everything will work perfectly.

Rings Notification Not Working on iPhone: Fix

Once you set-up the settings, everything should start working perfectly. However, in case you encounter any problem maybe after the set-up or a few days later, follow the troubleshooting below to fix it.

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Check Your Internet Connection

Remember, that this notification works with internet access. So sometime, bad network or an error in the WiFi could cause this. You should examine properly if there’s an error with your modem or router.

Check if the internet is accessible by viewing a live stream of your Ring device. Remember, this could be the problem with your router or modem even though the WiFi network is working.

You can solve this problem by resetting your router or modem. To reset your model, you should check the user manual for a guide or Google using your modem name.

Cross-check Ring App Settings

Forgetfulness can make us think that we have already enabled the Ring notifications on a specific device while we have not. This can happen in a situation whereby we have a second device for Ring notifications. What I’m trying to say is that you might enable it on your iPad but forgot to enable it on your iPhone. So check again if the Ring notification is enabled on that particular device.
To do that

Step 1: Go to Ring App settings

Step 2: Device Settings

Step 3: Switch the Ring Alerts and Motion Alerts to both blue.

Now check if the internal connection is working.

Step 1: Open the Ring App, and move to the Device Health menu.

Step 2: Look at the signal strength and make sure it says Good.

Some ring device as required you to set up Motion Zones to work properly. To do that, go to Ring app and select your device.

Now move to Motion Settings > Motion Zones > Add a Motion Zone and follow the instructions.

Another method is to uninstall the Ring App and install it again. Another thing that might cause this type of issues might be from Apple. This could be caused by the iOS or the notification center. In a situation like this, the wise thing to do is to check if the Do Not Disturb is enabled.

On your notifications center, find the Ring notifications and swipe from right-to-left, tap Manage and select Deliver Prominently.

Another thing is to disabled Ring notifications on your Apple Watch. The Ring notifications can interfere with notifications showing on your iPhone. To be sure, it’s better to disable it on your smartwatch.

Other Tips To Fixed Ring notifications Not Ringing on iPhone

Make sure you have the latest available version of iOS on your iPhone. To check this, Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

You should perform a soft reset. You should refer to Apple’s own support document to do that because it varies.

Reset your network settings. Before doing that, make sure to note down your Wi-Fi name and password. You can do that by going to Settings > General > Reset

In case the problem persists, the best option is to perform a full reset. This will wipe out your iPhone data, so make sure you back up your device to iTunes or iCloud.

If all of these methods failed, it will be better to contact your Ring’s customer support to see if they can fix the issue or give you a replacement.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and able to fix the Ring notifications issues on your iPhone or iPad.

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