How To Activate The iPhone XS E-SIM With Etisalat In The UAE Dubai

It’s no longer news that the newly released iPhone XS now support dual SIM which one of them is an eSIM.  The introduction of dual SIMs was filled with excitement as it’s open new opportunities for you to use two SIMs at the same time. The downside is that it comes with lots of complications. Before we dive in, let us take a quick look at what eSIM is all about.

E-SIM With Etisalat

What Is An e-SIM?

The “e” attached to the name stand for “embedded” so, therefore, eSIM means Embedded-SIM.
In other words, it’s like a virtual connection to a network that you don’t hold the physical SIM card.
The advantage of this eSIM is that it allows you to switch or convert to any network that supports e-SIM anywhere in the world. As long as you have the iPhone XS e-SIM app or the local network dial will help you to convert the eSIM to any available network in that particular country. So travelers will not have to buy new SIM before they will make calls or access the internet.

E-SIM With Etisalat

Etisalat UAE is eSIM Compatible

Etisalat has made provision for the eSIM network in Dubai UAE for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. This is functional with the iOS 12.1 upgrade as it now enables the process of using the two connections simultaneously. In other to activate the eSIM in UAE, you will have to visit the office of Etisalat and get the QR code. That QR code will then scanned through the iPhone by logging into the “Settings -> Cellular -> Add Cellular Plan” which will eventually activate the e-SIM plan.

Etisalat UAE eSIM Charges For iPhones

I know, you might be wondering if there is any kind of special charges against the eSIM in UAE.
There are no extra charges when using the eSIM. You will be charged the regular and normal SIMs charges when making calls or for data. To get the eSIM, you will pay the regular price which is 26.50 AED if you are in a postpaid plan and prepaid charges are 57.75. AED.  However, on your first day of activating the eSIM, you will be charged 131.25 AED for both new account and phone number.

E-SIM With Etisalat

Does eSIM Support Multi Simcard?

Although the eSIM can still function as a multi-SIM but for now, in Dubai, it is only limited for a single primary phone number. You will have to sum it up with the physical SIM card.

How To Switch back to physical SIM for e-SIM

If you wish to switch back to a physical SIM, you will have to visit Etisalat official in Dubai and follow the same process to deactivate the eSIM and get a new physical SIM card. You will pay 26.50 AED and the e-SIM will be deactivated consequently.

Should You Choose The eSIM?

Before choosing the eSIM option, you should bear in mind that you won’t be able to remove the SIM or deactivate it on your own without the service of the network provider. Also, note that the eSIM is not currently available worldwide, so you might travel to a country that does not have the eSIM network. In this situation, you will only have to get a physical normal SIM card slot.

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