How To Factory Reset And Restore LG Smartphone

Are you looking for a way to backup your LG smartphone and restore it. Here we will be showing you the best way to do that without any hassle. However, if you are been locked out on your LG smartphone, we have already provided information on how to get back your smartphone even without losing your data. Below is how to backup and restore your LG devices such as G4, G3, LG M30 and many more.


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Restore LG Smartphone

How to backup and restore LG smartphone

Step 1: On your smartphone, go to Settings > Backup & Reset.
Step 2: Now make sure “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore” are checked ✓
Step 3: Tap on the LG Backup > Back up & restore > Back up data
Step 4: In this step, you will have to choose the account you wish to backup to and tap start. You can use the LG Cloud for the backup since the factory reset will erase all your save data on your internal storage.

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After the backup is complete, you will also have to backup your contact.

Step 1: Go to Contacts, tap on the Menu button and tap on Manage Contacts
Step 2: Now choose Back up your contacts to SIM/Internal Storage or to Copy them to your Google account and wait for that backup to complete.

How To Factory Reset LG Smartphone

To factory reset your LG smartphone, follow the steps below…
Step 1: Go to Settings > Backup & restore > Factory data reset

How To Restore Data On LG Smartphone

To restore your data after the factory reset, go to Settings, Backup and then Tap on the restore option.

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