How to Fix iPhone Message Notification not Working or Sound

Are you no longer receiving Text Messages or notification on the iPhone? Is your iPhone no longer making any sound whenever a message or notification comes in? If you are no longer receiving a notification sound on your iPhone, you are not alone. Many are in the same shoe as you and we have got a solution for you.

We understand that this issue causes a lot of trouble in the family especially to married Mate or lovers. Imagine someone sent you an important message, waiting for a reply only for you not to notice the text message because your iPhone chooses not to make any sound.

It’s not everyone that will believe your story of not seeing the text message at the right time. Without further adore, here are some troubleshooting tips to help bring back those vibrations, sound on your iPhone whenever a message or notification comes in.


Sounds on iPhone

How To Fix Text Message Notifications or Sounds on iPhone

1. Make sure that your notifications are not stacked together if you are using iOS 12 and above.
2. Make sure that you didn’t turn on Deliver Quietly for an app on your iOS 12 and above
3. Make sure your mute switch isn’t on:
5. If you paired with an Apple watch, any notification on your iPhone will go directly to your watch hence no sound
6. Check your contact on your device to ensure that you have not set their text or ringtone to None (Update it if so)
7. It’s time to select a new text tone on your iPhone
8. Set your Date and Time to Automatic
9. Change your notification Banners to Persistent
10. Check if Do Not Disturb is on (turn it off if so)
11. Check your Bluetooth connection and turn it off
12. Reset your iPhone network
13. Update your new iPhone to the latest version

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Now let us try and explain the above term and how to do it on your iPhone.

Unable To See Message Notifications on Lock Screen or in Notification Center With iOS 13?

If your device is now running on iOS 12 or the new iOS 13 and you are not seeing a notification when your iPhone is a lock. You should look for the new Notification Grouping feature that is group together. If you can’t find it, it’s possible that they are hidden in a stack. With iOS 12 or iOS 13 in mind, here is how to find stack notification easily on your iPhone.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Notification Center or go to your Lock Screen
Step 2: Search for any notification groups
Step 3: Tap on the stack Notification to expand it, now tap the individual notification to read the details
Step 4: After seeing the details, press the X icon to clear the stack or Press the show less button to bring the stack the notifications together again.

How To Check If iPhone Notifications Are Set To Deliver Quietly

If your iPhone is running on iOS 12 or more, you can swipe to the left on a notification or notification stack, then from there, you will be able to choose a new feature called Manage. On that Manage, there’s an option to Deliver Quietly which turned off Apps specific notification. Although the notification will appear on your notifications center, however, they will both appear on your Lock screen and there’s no sound when the notification appears.

How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly Feature On iPhone

Step 1: On your iPhone, Go to Settings < Notifications
Step 2: Select the App you wish to turn to Deliver Quietly off
Step 3: Now tap and checkmark Lock Screen and/or Banners (This will turn this back on)
Step 4: Toggle on the Badges if it’s off
Step 5: You can now select a sound from the sounds to hear your notification.
Step 6: Finally, you can choose other notification options you want.

Fixing Not Receiving Sound With Incoming Text Messages on iPhone

You should check your Text Message Sound Effect & Select a Text Tone. To do that is easy and anyone can do it. Before then, make sure you selected a tone for your incoming text messages. Go to Settings on your device, choose Sounds & Haptics and then scroll to the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section. Here, look for Text Tone and check if it shows None or Vibrates Only. Tap it and change the tone to something nice.

No Sound Notification still? Use Your Text Tone Default!

Many folks have confirmed that this helps them to fix the issue. All you have to do is to change your text sound to the default. It’s better to stick with the default Ding or Note.
To update your alert tone, go to Settings < Sounds & Haptics > Text Tone. From there you can change to default such as Note.

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How To Fix No alert Sound On iPhone For Few Contact

To fix this, you should look for the custom settings for each contact.
Step 1: Check up one of the contacts that are not alerting you of messages on your iPhone contact App.
Step 2: Tap on Edit in the top right corner
Step 3: Now scroll down to Text Tone and check the selected sound
Step 4: Tap and select a new Alert Tone from the list and Tap done.

Checking Date And Time

It’s recommended that we always keep our Date and Time correct at all time. Preferably, it’s better that we leave our date and time set automatically. Incorrect time could be the reason you are not getting any sound or notification on your device. To check your Time and Date, go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Just toggle on Set Automatically.
However, if this is already on, toggle it off and Toggle it on again after 20 seconds.

How To Fix Text Notification Not Working on iOS 12 and 13 Updating your Notification Banners

Another troubleshooting for this is to update your notification banners. Changing text banners from temporary to persistent could fix this. Persistent banners will help bring back your notifications even though they disappear after some times. So if you are not getting Notifications on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and on the below Show as Banners, tap on the icon for Persistent.
Now check the persistent again to confirm your selection.

How To Fix No Text Or Messages By Checking Do Not Disturb

Now you have to check if you have accidentally ticked the Do Not Disturb option on your iOS. To do this, go to Settings < Do Not Disturb and make sure that option is toggled off. We understand that many folks use this option to prevent any distraction while driving. The good news is that Apple has added a new feature on iOS 11 and above.

This feature is called Do Not Disturb While Driving. It will silence any notification while you are driving. Your screen will remain dark and no notification will come up while driving.
So make sure you also Toggle the Disturb While Driving on if you are always on the wheel and you hate getting notifications on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > and scroll down until you see Do Not Disturb While Driving. If set automatically, DND detect motion similar to driving and will turn your screen dark even if you are a passenger. The manual options only work while connected to a car Bluetooth.

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Checking Your Bluetooth

Just as mentioned above, if your device is paired to a Bluetooth which can be Apple Watch, your notification or message will bypass your iPhone and direct the text or notification to that device. So you’ll need to disconnect any Bluetooth device that is connected to your iOS.

You can do that by swiping up Control Center or better still turn Bluetooth off by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Off. If your iPhone is paired to Apple Watch, there’s no option for you to get sound text message or Notification on your iOS and Apple watch. So whenever any text or Notification comes in, it goes directly to your Apple Watch.

Check if iMessage Enabled on Your Mac

Enabling iMessage on Mac could be the cause. It can block Notification going to your iPhone. Because of that, you should open Messages on your Mac, navigate to Messages > Preferences and uncheck the box marked Enable this account. This will deactivate Messages from sending or receiving but will never remove your Apple ID.

Checking Ring/Volume (Mute) Switch

Most iPhone device comes with a mute audio switch. So the best is to check if the switch is toggled off.
For iPhone
You should toggle the side switch button to mute sounds and alert.
If your switch shows orange, it’s on and for some iPhone, it means it’s in silent mode and vibrates for all alerts and incoming calls. When in silent mode, calls from a favorite contact will still ring and alarm you set will still sound.
For iPad
On iPad, you can change the side switch to either screen rotation or mute. On your iPad, go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch To and check which feature you selected for your side switch.

No Text Alert Or Messages, Turn Notifications Off And Then On

Sometimes we may have turned off the notification accidentally on our idevice. So to make sure you are not beating around the bush, check if your Notification is turn On. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Toggle Off Allow Notifications and turn it on again. While on it, make sure you select an excellent alert sound.

To do that on an older iOS device, Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > and Turn OFF Show in Notification Center. After that, restart your device and then turn Show in Notification Center back ON.

Reset your iPhone

This should be the final resolution. Many folks have confirmed that this helps them to fix the problem. Before resetting your iPhone or iPad, back up with iCloud or iTunes.
Now go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. A Reset to default settings will do the magic. Waking up notifications, alerts, brightness, and clock settings just the way it should be.

Note: Resetting your iPhone will revert all your personalized and customized features on your idevice and this includes wallpapers and accessibility settings. So you will need to reconfigure them back after your device restart.


We just hope that you are able to solve the problem. However, if your problem is coming from low sound text tone just as pointed out by some folks, a simple hard reset will solve the problem. Nevertheless, you should contact Apple support directly to help you out.

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