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How to Fix iPhone 6 Black screen, Won’t turn on or charge

Recently, many folks have been raising complaints about their iPhone 6 won’t turn on. The problem as some put it is a power problem. Some of the iPhone refuse to turn on again after shutdown and no matter what they do, the iPhone won’t just respond. Well, others too are complaining of iPhone Black screen which can easily be fixed using ReiBoot-iOS system repair

Below, we will be showing you the best way to fix iPhone 6 that won’t turn or no matter how long you press the power button.

How to fix Apple iPhone 6 Won't Turn On

How to fix Apple iPhone 6 Won’t Turn On

To fix your iPhone 6 won’t turn on, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to iTunes via desktop USB or reboot into recovery mode.  If your iPhone is down and won’t come up again, the issue will likely be a firmware crash. This has always been the problem of many iPhone that won’t turn on.

Here we will be showing you how to troubleshoot it and fix the problem yourself without having to take your idevice to any repair bar which in turn will cost you some bucks.
Follow the procedure below to fix your iPhone that won’t just turn on.

Step 1: Press and hold both Home and the Top or Side key button for 10 second’s
Step 2: Release the keys when you see the Apple logo.

This method is called Forced Restart; it’s kind of a simulated battery removal that refresh your iPhone’s memory and reload all its apps and services.  It should be able to fix the iPhone won’t turn on issues.

Can’t Boot To Apple logo, or Getting iTunes to restore error 4005?

Try the following and see if it works for you…

1. Upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.
2. Reboot your computer
3. Use a different USB or another computer to restore your iPhone
4. Force your iPhone to restart

If you are not getting the Apple logo during the force restart or you are getting red, or blue screen during the startup. Try this workaround and see if it fixes it.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a computer
Step 2: Open iTunes
Step 3: While connected, force your iPhone to restart and then enter the recovery mode

To force your iPhone 6 to restart and enter recovery mode, follow the steps below…

Step 1: Press and hold both Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for the second time
Step 2: Keep holding both home button until you see the Apple logo
Step 3: Now wait until the Recovery mode screen display and then release both buttons.
Step 4: When prompted with options to restore or update, select Update to proceed. Now iTunes will attempt to reinstall iOS without deleting your Data.                                    Step 5: Be patient and wait for iTunes to finish downloading the software for your iPhone. This can take 15 minutes or more. After that, your iPhone will exit recovery mode. You may as well need to repeat a force restart on your device and enter Recovery mode to restore your device via iTunes

Troubleshooting iTunes error 4005:

1. Make sure your iPhone is fully charged
2. Have enough storage at least 1GB available on your iPhone space
3. Use a certified Apple USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.
4. Now update your iPhone to the latest iOS available.
iPhone Won’t Still Turn On?

If your iPhone is still not turning on, check the dock connector and make sure it is not corroded. You should also check for any damage on the battery or you should consider replacing the battery. For further help or troubleshooting, please contact Apple support team directly for more help.

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