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5 Best Jailbreak apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

If you still have the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, chances are it is no longer your main device (or your “daily driver”), and you’re not willing to give it out just yet. If that’s the case, you’d really fancy the idea of jailbreaking the device. Not only does jailbreaking your iPhone 6 gives you the access to your favorite apps not hosted in the Apple store, but it also is not as risky as it would have been if you’re using a more recent iPhone model, or if you were using your daily driver.


Best Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 6 Plus

1. FlipControlCentre

FlipControlCentre is a jailbreak app that allows you to place settings icons and toggles (normally found in the control center) on your lock screen.

All you’ve got to do (after installing the app, of course) is to open it up and go to the settings; a set which icon and toggles your wish to be active.

After then, tap on the “Flip control centre”; you’ll then see the suppressed icons and toggles from the lock screen. You can increase the number of switch windows per page by up to 6 units if you wish.

2. iCleaner

ICleaner is the iOS equivalent of the numerous memory cleaning apps to be found on the Android marketplace, but only be had on iPhone when you jailbreak.

As far as jailbreaking goes, Cydia is probably the best app to use to jailbreak your iPhone. Once you’ve used Cydia to jailbreak your iPhone 6, it’s the same Cydia you’ll use to install iCleaner (and every jailbreak apps you wish to download subsequently)

After installing iCleaner using Cydia, you’ll see the app on the home screen; just tap on the app icon and start freeing up memory!

Jailbreak apps for iPhone
3. Sentry Revoke

A good jailbreak app for showing the status of the installer you have on the jailbroken iPhone. To install the app itself, head over to the official website to download and install.

After a successful installation process, it will automatically show the current status of the installer.

4. Panda Helper

If you’ve got your iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 jailbroken, your jailbreak apps have got to come from somewhere; needless to say, you’ll need an app installer.

Panda Helper is a good jailbreak app installer, and you can download either the free or paid version of the application by visiting in your phone’s browser.

After installation, you’ll have to configure and authenticate it, by going into Settings > Profile and Device Management (tap on the trust icon to complete the authentication process)

Once all of that is done, you can proceed to download all your favorite apps and games.

5. Cyrus

A very solid emulator app for your jailbroken iPhone 6. To have it, just head over to their website:, install the application by tapping on the V2 icon and following through by tapping the install button.

Once the installation is done, just launch the app, and you’ll see all of your emulator screens.

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