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How to Delete Cash App History

Cash App is a mobile payment service, headquartered in San Francisco. This service has become one of the most popular peer-to-peer money transferring apps since its launch. It allows users to transfer money and accept payments through their phones and this information and these transfers could be seen on your public profile that can be viewed by other users too. You will have to create a square cash account first which you can easily do from their website

In addition, if you want to delete any trace of your activity, you should read this guide till the end as it tells how you can remove the history from square cash completely. We don’t recommend doing so unless necessary as it would be better to have the history if you want to pay or receive payments. This way, you can easily see who has sent you money, when it was done and how much was transferred in case there are any problems in the future.

What Is Cash App Used For?

  • The service is specifically designed for peer-to-peer transactions between individuals thus making it a great tool for people who need to transfer money to their families or friends quickly.
  • The app also supports sending cash internationally which makes it an even better solution since users don’t have to worry about fees that are associated with international transfers made through other agents.
  • You will get notifications once your receiver accepts or denies payment which means that this way of transferring cash ensures protection.
  • Another reason why people choose this app is that they have access to their cash in just a couple of minutes after the transfer.

How to Delete Cash App History?

delete cash app history

  • To remove your square cash history you will need to turn off sync on your phone. This way, you won’t see the activity from other devices connected to the same account.
  • In addition, if there are transactions made by other users using your account, you can change the password and they would not be able to access it anymore.
  • Users could also go online and log into the cash app website or download a desktop version through an emulator, then visit the settings section where they manage apps connected with their account and disable synchronization here.
  • Once done, all traces of previous transactions will be deleted from both connected devices. However, if you are still not sure if you want to delete the history, it would be better if you did not do so.

5 Tips to Delete History on Android Device

You can easily erase data from an Android phone by following these steps:

  • Go to SettingsApplicationsManage Application or App Manager. There will be all the installed apps with different icons for easy access.
  • Look for the cash app and tap on it. Then choose storage. This way, there is a list of the available space on your device.
  • Tap Clear Cache button which is located next to the Storage option.
  • If needed, repeat this step several times until all unnecessary files are deleted thus making more space available or until the desired amount of memory is freed up.
  • Switch to the data option and tap Clear Data. This way, you would clear personal information stored on your devices such as bank account numbers, profile pictures, and passwords. 

For more info about the cash app, visit the official website at .

How to Delete Cash App History On iPhone/iPad?

You need to delete two files from your iDevice in order to remove that data completely:

To start with, search for cash app on your phone or iPad then go to iPhone Storage > Documents & Data > cash app and delete both ” cash app” and “Cash app Public Content“. These are the main files that store all of your activity including payment history.

After deleting these files, you will need to restart your device and the process is done.

How to Delete Cash App History on Desktop?

With the cash app web version, you can easily delete all of your histories in a couple of minutes.

  • To do that, go to Settings section where you find Accounts and at the bottom there is a button called Delete Account.
  • Click on it and in case there are any issues and you decide to return and continue using cash app service, enter new password which means that previously deleted information would be removed from their system too.
  • If not, nothing would change since files containing your personal data would be gone forever.

Can I delete Cash App and start over?

If you are not sure whether Cash App is the right option for your business or if you feel like there are some disadvantages to using it, it would be better to delete the app entirely. However, this does not mean that Square will delete your information from their servers since they keep all of the data for different users. If your company decides to switch to another service instead, you could easily do so by following the steps below:

  • Delete cash app accounts on Android device as well as any files stored in Documents & Data > cash  app folder on iDevice where the account was registered into.
  • Log into the cash app website and click on Settings section. There is a button called “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page which needs to be clicked.
  • In order to remove your profile from cash app servers completely, enter the password which you used when creating an account.
  • Wait until the process is done and check if all data connected with your account was removed successfully.
  • If needed, connect new bank account or credit card information to another similar service such as PayPal. This way, you will not lose any cash transactions and can easily restore your account in a matter of minutes.

Can Cashapp be Traced?

No. The IRS is unable to trace cash app payments unless the Cash App provides them with information.

If Law Enforcement has a search warrant of your phone or computer based on probable cause that you have committed illegal activity, they can get access to the information stored within the Cash app. That is why it would be better to delete Square Cash payment history before deleting the account itself in order to avoid sharing any private data with third parties.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to do if you want to delete the Cash app and how it works. Considering the fact that banks keep your financial information stored for different purposes (like transferring money, taking loans and etc.), it is clear why people would like to use alternative ways of sending/receiving money such as PayPal or cash app since there are no personal data stored in the system.

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