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What Are Some Great Accessories for Mac Mini?

Mac Mini is a small computer developed by Apple. As the name suggests, it is a smaller version of what you expect a computer to be.

By itself, the device provides excellent features for a great user experience. On the other hand, if you plan to get a Mac Mini or already have one, there are accessories that you can consider to get even more out of the computer.

As far as accessories for Mac Mini go, you have a plethora of options to consider. However, we will try to focus on the categories rather than individual brands. And as a final note, be wary of the fact that you need to double-check for compatibility. Do not expect that all accessories are compatible with Apple devices.

Wireless Headphones

Let’s start with wireless headphones. If you have to listen to audio, it would be best to stick to headphones. Speakers are an option, but they might become a nuisance for others nearby.

If you do not want to bother other people and wish to focus on the audio while enjoying good quality, headphones are the way to go. 

Be it listening to music, having a video or voice chat with someone, watching YouTube or Twitch TV, or another activity that requires audio, you want to have an option for your Mac Mini.

And it is pretty clear that wireless headphones are superior to wired headphones because the former gives you the freedom to move around. 

Wireless Mouse

A computer mouse is another example of an accessory that you should consider. Overall, Apple computers (the exception being iMac) are laptops that have a trackpad.

Not everyone is comfortable with using a trackpad. They would much rather stick to a true and tested method of a computer mouse and keyboard. 

For one, it is faster to use a mouse rather than a trackpad because clicking the arrow with a mouse is more intuitive. Not to mention that modern computer mouses come with additional buttons to help users even more. 

Similar to the headphones, you should probably go for a wireless mouse because it leaves you with one less cable to worry about when creating the setup for your Mac Mini.

Wireless Keyboard

A computer mouse without a keyboard would feel weird. And since we are talking about Mac Mini, a keyboard is a must to have if you want to actually use the device. 

Just like with other accessories, there are quite a few different options. You can go for a wired keyboard, but if you are already looking to create a wireless accessory setup with headphones and a computer mouse, it is only fair to go for a wireless keyboard as well.

Pick between mechanical and membrane keyboards. So long as the accessory is compatible with your Mac Mini and feels comfortable on your fingers when typing, you should be good to go.

Wireless Printer

If you want to print something from your Mac Mini, you will need to set it up with a printer. Again, wireless is the option to go, so be sure to have an available printer nearby.

Whether it is necessary to invest in a printer for your home depends on your printing needs. Perhaps it might be more efficient to use a printer in a local library if you do not need to print stuff that often. But then again, a printer is useful to have, and it is why we added it to the list of accessories for Mac Mini.

External Drive

Storage can become an issue if you are not careful. Regardless of what computer model or operating system you use, it is recommended to remove old files on a regular basis. However, that might not be enough to solve the storage issue.

You might have to invest in external storage drives to keep important data in a location different from your computer. The obvious choice is to get an external hard drive so that you have enough space.

Keep in mind that besides the storage problem, you can also utilize these accessories as a way to back up data.

External Monitor

The last accessory on the list is the external monitor. You will need a display for your Mac Mini, and what better way than to invest money in a monitor?

Some users go as far as getting a dual monitor setup, though that might be a bit too much, especially if you are using the Mac Mini on a relatively small desk.

When looking for an external monitor, do not be afraid to explore all kinds of options until you find one that suits you the best. Also, make sure that you are happy with the screen size. After all, you want to have a clear display.

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