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6 Mac Hacks Every Mac User Should Know

Macs have long been lauded for their capacity to execute tasks that Windows systems cannot. Despite this, many Mac users are unaware of every trick or secret function available to them.

Here are 6 Mac hacks every mac user should know to use whether you have an iMac, a Macbook Pro, or a Macbook Air.

How to Open Programs and Files Faster

Spotlight search is Mac’s search window, and it’s a productivity dream come true because it launches apps and files, and you can locate them quickly. It would be best to learn the shortcut to the search bar on the keyboard and locate your file without breaking a sweat.

The trick is to press Command+Space Bar to launch Spotlight Search. Type in the first few letters of the app or file you want to open, and when it appears in the dropdown menu, arrow down to it and press enter.

How to recover deleted files after emptying trash

Are you sure to delete this file? Yeah, whatever! Wait NOOOOO!!!!!! We all have been in this kind of situation willingly or unwillingly. But what is the way to recover the deleted files after emptying the trash in your Mac?

Disk Drill is an efficient solution among Macintosh users to recover deleted files. The app can help find files you’ve deleted from your Trash or that were lost in a software glitch. To see all the files that can be restored, install the app and run the Disk Drill scan on your Mac. Search for the exact file name or extension.

Select the files you want back and click on the Recover button. Select where to put your file and you have recovered your file back. To read more about how to recover deleted files after emptying trash, hop on to

 How to Take a Screenshot

You might come across some sites that won’t allow you to save pictures, and you don’t have to feel disappointed! You may need to snap a screenshot of what’s on your screen or screen capture to save your favorite picture on the web.

You have to press command+ Shift+ 4 puts crosshairs on the screen that you can drag the frame to the part of the screen you want to capture. The image saves to the desktop or whatever location you’ve specified in the System Preferences.

Another way to take a screenshot is by pressing the Command+ Shift key +4 followed by the Space bar changes the pointer to a camera icon. If you hover it over anyone particular window and click the mouse or tap the trackpad, you’ll get a screenshot of only that window.

Mac Hacks

How to Speed Up a Slow Mac

When a Mac performs poorly, there are a variety of options for reviving its earlier grandeur. CCleaner is a fantastic software for Mac. CCleaner can be used to delete apps, clear the cache in browsers, and clean up the temporary files in your system.

You can navigate the Tools menu and select Uninstall to delete any programs you no longer need entirely. CCleaner can be your go-to solution to speed up your slow Mac and make your life a bit easier.

Send and receive text messages from your desktop

It’s great to send and receive text messages on your Mac, especially if your iPhone battery is low or you don’t have it handy. It’s even possible to send and receive text messages from people who don’t have iPhones. Here’s how:

There are two different types of messages you can send and receive on your Mac – normal text messages and iMessages (sent via Apple’s servers).

Sending text messages to iPhone users

  • Click on the Messages icon in the dock (you can search for it by pressing Cmd + space and starting to type Messages)
  • Sign in using your Apple ID (the one associated with your iPhone)
  • Select the new message icon
  • Place your cursor in the To: field
  • Type the phone number of the recipient and press ‘Enter’

How to Use All the Functions of the Trackpad and Magic Mouse

Are you familiar with using the trackpad or Magic Mouse to move the cursor around the screen? However, after you’ve mastered the multi-touch gestures, you’ll be able to use them in a variety of ways.

Here’s how you can efficiently use the Trackpad:

  • You have to learn these primary two- and three-fingers gestures. Swipe up and down with two fingers to scroll.
  • Swipe left and right with two fingers to go backward and forward in Safari.
  • Double-tap with two fingers to zoom.
  • Pinch as you would in iOS to zoom in and out of photos and Web pages.
  • Swipe left and right with two fingers to move between desktops and full-screen apps.
  • Pinch your thumb and three fingers together to open Launchpad.

Here’s how you can efficiently use the Magic Mouse:

  • Swipe one finger up and down the mouse to scroll.
  • Swipe one finger left and right on the mouse to move backward and forward in Safari.
  • Double-tap with one finger to zoom.
  • Double-tap with two fingers to reach Mission Control, where you can see all apps that are running.

Using a Mac is pretty easy, and it is a whole different experience when you have some tips and tricks within your reach. Let us know if we have missed anything!

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