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How To Watch Court TV Channel On TV?

For many, the world of crime and courtroom drama on TV has been a fascinating escape. From popular series like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to the more real-time unfolding of cases on Court TV, there’s an undeniable pull. This article seeks to guide you on how to watch the riveting content of Court TV on your television.

What Exactly is Court TV?

Court TV, an American network, is dedicated entirely to crime-centric content. With offerings ranging from legal analysis shows, true crime documentaries, to the latest crime news updates, its content portfolio is vast. Initially broadcasted by Court TV Media, LLC (E. W. Scripps Company), its reins were later taken over by Katz Broadcasting, LLC. Today, platforms like YouTube TV and even the free Pluto TV have included Court TV in their channel lineups.

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The Old-School Way: Cable Television

Court TV Cable Channels: Where Can You Find It?

Court TV, despite its significant online presence in recent years, continues to have ties with cable and satellite TV, thanks to partnerships with local affiliates. If your TV service includes local channels and there’s a Court TV affiliate in your area, you’re good to go. Specifically, DirecTV subscribers can find Court TV on channel 352.

How to Get Court TV on Television: Setting Up and Subscribing

To determine if Court TV is available in your locality, make use of the locator tool on the Court TV website. Once you pinpoint the specific channel, add it to your set-top box’s favorites for easier access. Remember, while the content of local channels like Court TV is free, it’s crucial to have at least a basic plan that includes local channels. Opting for a budget-friendly package that covers local stations is a wise move. You can find the following map to click on your US state here.


The Modern Method: Online Streaming

Court TV Streaming Guide: Navigating the Digital Space

Though Court TV is known for its online presence, it hasn’t forsaken traditional broadcasting. Still, for those who prefer online streaming, platforms such as YouTube TV (priced at $64.99/month) and Pluto TV (available for free) include Court TV in their repertoire.

Streaming Court TV Live Online: How and Where?

For digital enthusiasts, these platforms provide a seamless Court TV experience. Whether it’s catching up on episodes or diving deep into a live trial, online streaming offers flexibility and convenience. You can stream Court TV on ROKU, amazon fire tv, Apple TV, Android TV & more.


Securing a stable internet connection, especially for streaming, ensures a buffer-free experience. Additionally, saving the channel to your favorites can save time, freeing you from recalling channel numbers.

Viewing Preferences: What Suits You Best?

Both traditional and modern means offer their unique perks. Whether you’re a fan of watching on a large screen TV or prefer the portability of a smartphone, Court TV has you covered. Live broadcasts, on-demand streaming, or recorded sessions, Court TV’s diverse broadcast methods cater to every viewer’s preference.

Top Shows To Watch On Court TV

Court TV isn’t just about live trials. Some popular shows include Better Call Saul, Law & Order, and Suits. Although fictional, these series incorporate elements from real-life incidents, making them entertaining and educative.

Why Watch Legal Proceedings on TV?

Legal proceedings offer a blend of education and entertainment. Court TV ensures its viewers are informed, engaged, and entertained, providing a deep dive into the workings and intricacies of the justice system.

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FAQ Section: Watching Court TV

How can I stream Court TV live on my television?

You can stream Court TV live on your television through various online platforms such as YouTube TV and Pluto TV. These platforms offer apps that can be downloaded on smart TVs, allowing seamless streaming of Court TV content directly on your television screen.

Are there any cable providers that offer Court TV?

Yes, many cable providers offer Court TV through partnerships with local affiliates. To determine availability in your area, check with your local cable or satellite provider or use the locator tool on the Court TV website to see if an affiliate broadcaster operates in your region.

Can I watch Court TV online without a cable subscription?

Absolutely! Court TV has adapted to the digital age, and online streaming platforms like YouTube TV and Pluto TV feature Court TV in their channel lineups. You can access Court TV content on these platforms without needing a traditional cable subscription.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Court TV?

The cost to subscribe to Court TV varies depending on your chosen platform and subscription method. While Court TV content on local channels is often free, platforms like YouTube TV may charge a monthly fee. It’s best to check with the specific service provider for precise subscription costs.

Are past Court TV episodes available for on-demand viewing?

Yes, many platforms that carry Court TV also offer on-demand viewing options. This means you can catch up on past episodes or watch specific segments at your convenience. Check with your streaming or cable provider for details on their on-demand offerings.

Can I watch Court TV from outside the United States?

The availability of Court TV outside the U.S. largely depends on the streaming or cable provider’s policies and licensing agreements. Some online platforms might offer international access, while others might restrict it. Using a VPN can also be a potential solution, but always ensure you’re adhering to terms of service.

Are there any free options to watch Court TV live online?

Yes, there are free options to watch Court TV live online. For instance, Pluto TV offers a free streaming service that includes Court TV in its channel lineup. However, the availability might vary based on region and platform policies, so it’s worth checking their website for the latest information.

To Summarize the Above

Court TV is a goldmine for true crime enthusiasts. With its rich content, ranging from documentaries to real-time trials, it’s a must-have for your channel list. The beauty is its availability both on traditional platforms and online. Whether through local affiliates on cable or digital platforms like YouTube TV, accessing Court TV has never been easier. If you still face challenges tuning in, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. After all, Court TV’s gripping content is something no one should miss out on.

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