How to Track Android Phone Using iPhone

Can’t find your Android phone? Are you afraid it has been stolen and the thief may get hold of your personal data? Calm down, you are not alone as life is unpredictable and many had been in your shoes before.

Read on as we will be working you the process of tracking your Android phone with your iPhone to make sure your data is safe and sound. You might be aware of the new feature which comes with the iOS 13 which is Find My Friend.

This feature is in iOS and it helps you to locate not just your friend but your device as well.
It’s pretty simple and straightforward to use the Find, My Friend, to locate your iOS devices.

Now with thousands of Apps on Google Play store, many of them offer you the service to track your stolen device on your Android. For example, parental Apps allow you to track your child’s whereabouts and also other activities as well.

Well to use most of the Apps, you have to install it on both devices which is not convenient for most people. Below, we will show you the easy method to track an Android phone using an iPhone.

How to Track Android Phone Using iPhone

How to Track and Locate lost Android Phone from iPhone

There are similar apps on the Google play store that is called Find My device for Android. It has similar features with that of an iPhone, just that the services use Google ID registered with the Android phone to tracks its whereabouts accordingly.

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The application also comes with other essential features as well. It provides information such as the device name, its battery, and the network name (cellular or wi-fi). You will also get the device’s IMEI number, last active status, and other information.

It allows you to send a ring on the device, remotely lock the phone and erase all the data. To use this feature, an Android device must have Find My Device enabled and an active Google account. To check if this feature is enabled on your Android, go to Setting > Security > Find My Device.

How to track Android Phone from iPhone Using Find My Device

The Find My Device is app only, so you can not install it on your iPhone. However, to use the feature, you’ll have to visit the website by following the steps below. It’s quite similar to Find My Friend on iOS devices.

Step 1: On your browser, go to
Step 2: Enter the Google ID active on your device and tap on Next.
Step 3: Enter the password when prompted and tap on next
Step 4: Then on the main device page, you will see a map that has the device information and other options.
Step 5: Tap on the location tag on the map. A new window opens up with Android coordinate information.
Step 6: To see where your device is, tap on Directions.

If you find the device location, you should involve local authorities before you venture to get your phone back. Don’t go alone because it’s not advisable, the thief may harm you.

Note: This tracking option has it’s limitations as follows

  • If the GPS of the Android device you’re tracking is off, you won’t be able to trace it.
  • If the 2-Step Verification is enabled, Google will send a verification code to the registered device, whenever you log in from another device. Since the registered device is missing, you will be stuck. However, with Google backup codes or trusted devices, you can surpass the issue and still track your phone.
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How to Remotely Check IMEI Number of Android Using iPhone

The International Mobile Equipment Identity(IMEI) contains a lot of information about your device. So if your device is stolen, you will need to copy this number for the identification or you can use it to block your device by the legal authorities. If you don’t remember the number off heart, you can still get it back using Find My Device.

Step 1: On the page, tap on ‘i‘ button next to your device’s name
Step 2: You will now get a pop-up showing your Android device’s – IMEI, First registered, and Last seen.

This page will also display information about when was the device last online, helping you to know if the device is stolen or lost.

How to Remotely Ring Android Phone Using iPhone

One of the best ways to get back your Android phone is lost is to remotely ring the phone. That way it will make a sound and help you to locate it easily. Below is how to remotely ring your Android phone using Find My Device.

Step 1: On the logged page, tap on Play Sound on the main device page.
Step 2: The screen will now slide into calling mode and ring your Android device.

Note: You won’t be able to use this feature if the sim is taken out, replaced, or has no network connection.

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How to Remotely Lock Android Device from iPhone

If your Android phone is stolen, the best thing to do is to secure it so as to avoid your information and data getting into the wrong hand. Below is how to lock your Android phone using iPhone via Find My Device.

Once the feature is enabled, the phone will be closed and the lock screen will display a recovery message(if provided) and a call owner sign. The device will remain locked until the call is made.

Step 1: On the logged page, tap on Secure Device
Step 2: Next enter a Recovery message, a Phone number where you can be reached and then tap on Secure Device.
Step 3: This will lock your Android showing the following screen.

This will also hide all app notifications. You won’t access any message, email, or notification during that time. If the device is off or offline, the screen will not Lock until it comes online.

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How to Remotely Erase Data from Android Device Using iPhone

To be on the safer side, it’s advisable to erase all your data and other personal information.
Below is how to do that using Find My Device.

Step 1: On the logged page, tap on Erase Device
Step 2: Next tap on Erase Device again to confirm the action.

Remember, this feature will not work if the device is offline. However as soon as the device comes online, it will remotely wipe out everything on the phone.

That’s all for now. We hope you find this post helpful. Use the comments box if you have any questions and don’t forget to share this as well.

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