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How to Set up and Use Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe has a sleek, appealing design with a bright, crisp AMOLED display, an impressive heart rate monitor, and numerous other functions. A Fitbit is simple to set up and configure, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Fitbit’s experience begins with a simple, well-organized interface and user-friendly gadgets. The process is simple, from pairing your new device to charging it; simply follow the instructions below, and you’ll be tracking steps and goals in no time.

Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe: How to Set It Up

Luxe can be set up using the Fitbit app in the following way:

Fitbit’s app is compatible with almost all common phones. A list of supported devices is available from Fitbit, check their official site here :

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Get the Fitbit app from the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android users.
  • Open the app after installing it. If you already have a Fitbit account, go to the Today tab, hit your profile image, and then select Set Up a Device. Tap Join Fitbit to be directed through a series of questions to create a Fitbit account if you don’t already have one.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to link Luxe to your account. After you’ve finished setting up your new tracker, read through the guide to learn more about it, and then explore the Fitbit app.

Navigate the world of Luxe.

Swipe side to side and up and down on the screen to navigate your tracker. Return to a previous screen by swiping right, or return to the clock screen by firmly double-tapping the screen.

What is the best way for me to see my statistics?

To check your metrics, swipe up on the clock face, which includes steps, heart rate, Active Zone Minutes, and more.

Fitbit Luxe’s Features

The Fitbit Luxe works similarly to other fitness trackers, as you might expect. This means it keeps track of your steps, resting/active heart rate, sleep, and workouts. All of this is wonderful, and it’s exactly what I’d expect from a fitness tracker these days. It does, however, lack one crucial element that I believe would add a little more utility to its arsenal.

I’m referring to a built-in mobile payment system. It would have been Fitbit Pay in this situation, which is also accessible on the company’s other smartwatch-like trackers. Mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay have become increasingly important to the new generation of smartphones users. Fitbit Pay would have greatly enhanced Luxe’s value, but it is sadly missing.

How do I Change my Fitbit Luxe Strap/band?

If your Fitbit band wears out or no longer fits your style, you can easily replace it. The Fitbit Charge’s bands can be changed by following these instructions:

  • Turn Luxe over and look for the band latches.
  • Press the flat button toward the band with your fingernail to release the latch.
  • To release the band, gently peel it away from the tracker.
  • Do the same thing on the other side.

How to Put a New Band On

Put a band around your wrist. You’ll hear a click if you press the band into the tracker’s end. The band with the buckle would be linked to the tracker.

Tips & Tricks for Fitbit Luxe – How to Change the Face of Your Fitbit Luxe Watch

The Fitbit Gallery has a selection of clock faces to help you customize your tracker and fulfill a variety of health, fitness, timekeeping, and daily demands. Change the face of the clock The Fitbit Clock Gallery lets you customize your tracker with a selection of clock faces.

  • Tap your profile photo Luxe tile in the Fitbit app’s Today tab > Tap Clock Faces.
  • Take a look at the several clock faces that are available.
  • Tap a clock face to have a detailed view of it > Tap Install to add it to Luxe.

Fitbit luxe: How to Restart and Reset

You can quickly reset a Fitbit Luxe using this method.

Resetting Your Fitbit Luxe:

  1. From the clock screen, swipe down to open the Settings app.
  2. Launch the Settings application. Restart the device Restart the device.

If Luxe isn’t responding, do the following:

  • Plug your Luxe’s charging wire in.
  • Hit the flat end of the charger’s button three times, pausing for 1 40 seconds between each press.
  • Then, after 10 seconds, look for the Fitbit logo.

Your data is not deleted when you restart your tracker.

Tips and Tricks for Fitbit Luxe – How to Charge a Fitbit Luxe

When completely charged, the Luxe tracker has a battery life of up to five days. Battery life and charging cycles can vary depending on how the battery is utilized and other variables.

Luxe can be charged in the following ways:

  • Connect the charger to your computer using a USB connection, a UL-certified USB wall charger, or another energy-efficient charging method.
  • Hold the other end of the charging wire near the tracker backport until it magnetically connects. Make sure the charging cable’s pins are aligned with the port on the back of your tracker.

To fully charge the gadget, it will take about 1-2 hours. While Luxe is charging, you may check the battery level by double-tapping the screen. By tapping the right side of the battery screen, Luxe can be accessed. A solid battery icon appears on trackers with fully charged batteries.

Tips and Tricks for the Fitbit Luxe F.A.Q

Is the Fitbit Luxe a step counter?

The Fitbit Luxe is a fantastic fitness tracker that, like all Fitbits, has features such as step counting, distance, and calories burned.

Is the Fitbit Luxe water-resistant?

The Fitbit Luxe is water-resistant to 50 meters and includes a swimming mode for tracking your workouts in the pool or the ocean.

Is the Fitbit Luxe capable of tracking sleep?

The Luxe, like other Fitbit devices, may provide a sleep score depending on the quality of your sleep and display sleep length, REM time, and deep sleep time.

Is the Fitbit Luxe a good investment?

Yes, it is a fantastic device in general. The sole disadvantage is that it lacks a built-in GPS.

What is the best way to get SMS on my Fitbit Luxe?

Luxe lets you access everything of your phone’s notifications, including calls, texts, calendars, and apps.

I hope you find this article on how to set up your Fitbit Luxe useful in making better use of your gadget.

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