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How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID and Passcode

Do you wish to reset your device and get back to your locked iPhone without the passcode and Apple ID? The fact is that it’s virtually impossible to unlock or reset an iPhone without that necessary information. Apple can help you to unlock your device provided that you have your Apple ID and email you can access. Without that, it’s almost impossible to get or reset your iPhone.


iphone without apple id

Good news, you can reset your iPhone without Apple ID or passcode using the service of a third-party tool. Lucky for you, this tool called 4uKey was designed to breakthrough Apple ID blockades and passcodes but can only work in iPhone that is activated on a carrier network. Your iPhone can be factory reset as long as you meet the requirements.

Pre-requisites To Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID and Passcode

For this software to work on your iPhone, the certain condition is required. First of all, Find My iPhone must be turned off. 4uKey will work on any iPhone. However, if you are running on iOS 12 and above and the Find My iPhone is turned on, you can not use the 4uKey to remove the Apple ID and Passcode. Nevertheless, if your iPhone is running on iOS 10.2 or iOS 11.4 and Find My iPhone is turned On, you can be able 4uKey to crack through and remove your passcode or Apple ID.

iPhone XS Max

How 4uKey Factory Reset iPhone

The truth is that 4uKey doesn’t factory reset your iPhone completely, instead, it breaks through your passcode and Apple ID allowing you to access your locked iPhone and add new Apple ID, which you can now use to factory reset your iPhone. Before you factory reset your iPhone, make sure that you do not erase all contents and settings on the iPhone. If you do reset all content and settings on your device, upon restarting it, you will be required to use the original Apple ID to activate your device. With this, you won’t be able to remove the Apple ID with 4uKey for the second time.

To Factory Reset your iPhone without passcode or Apple ID, head straight to the 4uKey software from Tenorshare for Mac or Windows Download and install the software on your desktop. Now launched the software and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. On the program, press the Start button. 4uKey will then offer you the latest firmware package to download.

After the download, press the Select button and then click on the file for your firmware package. Just follow the instructions in the software and it should be able to remove your passcode or Apple ID.

How To Factory Reset Android Without Password

You can also use the same 4uKey to factory reset Android device. It’s even simple and straight forward since Android isn’t locked down like iOS devices. The process is simple and it allows you to remove Android password, PINs, and even patterns locked. To unlock your Android phone, head straight and grab this software for Android here. After downloading the software, connect your Android device to the desktop via USB cable and follow the on-screen option to unlock the Android device without any password.

Wrapped Up:

Although the software does not Factory Reset your iPhone, at least it’s the easiest way to unlock your Apple device without any ID or Passcode. Many Android users will also find this 4uKey helpful as it will also allow them to unlock their device without any password. The exciting news is that it’s risk-free and the software is also free to use. Although it has a Pro version which has extra features that will help you to unlock your iPhone without Apple ID.

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