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14 Top Usefull Apps to Pump Your Brain

Mostly, students are those who look for ways to train their cognitive skills. Every day they study a lot and the information they are expected to consume is not about to reduce.

A great way to improve your brain abilities is through using special apps. However, you should understand that they work only in cases of everyday use and when you’re not too stressed or overloaded. Otherwise, just leave your paperwork to the reliable dissertation writing service because this is how you get it professionally done within the settled deadline without any mental pressure.

Today we present to you our new selection of applications that will help you to develop your brain, learn languages and get your nerves in order.

Developing mental skills

1. Lumosity


The app was developed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, and other mental abilities. Based on the results of the test, Lumosity will select an individual exercise plan. The creators of the application promise that regular training will have a positive impact on your daily tasks.


2. Peak


In this app, you’ll find mini-games divided into groups. There are exercises for practicing memory, quick thinking, and attentiveness. It will help you to kill two birds with one stone: train your brain and tighten up your language.


3. NeuroNation


The titled German project offers training in memory, concentration, and intelligence. After a test that reveals your abilities, you will be prompted to choose the skills you want to develop. The service will select exercises specifically for you. However, most of the mini-games are only available in the paid version.


4. CogniFit


The service will assess your cognitive abilities. The system checks for insomnia, depression, ADHD, and so on. Based on the tests, personal workouts are created. And the creators assure that both the set of exercises and the sequence in which they are performed are important. Classes pump up cognitive abilities and correct mild disorders.


5. GEIST (Memorado)

GEIST (Memorado)

The games are designed to train your thinking speed, memory, concentration and logic, reaction, and mathematical thinking. In addition to educational games, there are exercises available to help you calm down and relieve stress. The 24 games and 720 levels will help sharpen your mind.


6. Quantified Mind

Quantified Mind

With the Quantified Mind service, you can not only pump up your mental abilities but also contribute to science. The site invites you to participate in studies and experiments related to the work of the brain. For example, to determine the effect of coffee on the quality of cognitive function. Or on determining the time of day when your brain is most productive for studying or doing any other job.

You will get tips to help you optimize your mental activity and increase its efficiency. And scientists working on the platform can use your results to propose and prove their scientific theories. By the way, you too can create experiments and invite people to participate in them.




DOOORS is an app for fans of quests like “get out of the room”. You will have to solve puzzles and complete tasks to open virtual doors. There are a total of 50 levels in the game. There are both simple tasks, as well as quite complex. A great workout for the mind and a good way to pass the time.


Studying languages

8. Elevate


This app promises to develop different areas of knowledge, but it will be especially interesting for English language learners. The language area here is represented by several tasks at once: reading, writing, and listening.

Elevate is a smartphone app that can be used to train memory, attention, logical thinking, reaction speed, and even oratory skills. For each user, it creates an individual training program based on raw data.

Emphasis is placed on the skills that you have developed the worst. The tasks gradually become more difficult, so that they will never seem too easy to you. The app is in English.


9. Duolingo


A free app that will improve your reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. Play, answer questions and complete exercises to increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills.


10. Memrise


In the app, you’ll find videos with basic language lessons and thousands of videos with native speakers to help you better understand spoken language. The app will create a learning plan for you and you’ll be able to set personal goals so you don’t lose motivation throughout the whole study period.


Keeping calm

11. Personal Zen

Personal Zen

This is an app for reducing stress and anxiety. It was created by scientists from the City University of New York. First, you will assess your stress level. Then you will be asked to follow two characters, one with positive emotions and one with the opposite. The developers claim that positive results appear even if you devote 20 minutes a week to the app.


13. MindSelf – Meditation Coach in your smartphone


The app teaches meditations for mindfulness, self-awareness, and stress management. The app has a variety of directions from stress management to dealing with eating disorders.


14. Mo: Meditation and Sleep

 Meditation and Sleep

The app is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. In it, you will find the main areas of meditation: anti-stress, concentration and productivity, sleep meditation, personal relationships, happiness and gratitude, work with self-esteem.


As you can see, the choice of tools for brain pumping is enormous. You don’t have to be limited to one – you can use several services at the same time. But don’t be too self-rigorous. If you get too many assignments to complete, then it’s not the brain you should rely on but your time-management skills and delegation. Don’t hesitate to find some good services on reddit to get homework help when necessary. Sometimes, you just can’t handle everything yourself, and it’s completely ok.

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