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11 Best Free Child Tracking Apps For iPhone & Android

For so many years, parents are looking for the best app to track their children for free. If you are among those that want to track your kids using your iPhone, then I must say, you are good a parent below we will be showing the best App to track your child on iOS and Android.

Best Free Kids Tracking Apps For iPhone And Android

Below, are the best App you can use to track your kid’s phone and location for free. Just check them out.

1. Spyzie Monitoring for Kids

Spyzie Monitoring for Kids

This seems to be one of the best tracking App available for kids. With this, you can keep track of your kid’s location and also monitors your child’s use of social media. The app promise to track your kid’s WhatsApp, call, screenshot, Snapchat, and many more.


  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • No need to root or jailbreak the device
  • Up to 30 features: WhatsApp, Call Log, SMS, Data Export, etc.
  • Support the latest Android 13 Pie and iOS 15

It has a free version and also a premium version that comes with some added features.

2. Find360


Find360 is a free-to-use location tracking app to help you track your kids’ location in real-time. With the Find360 app, you can create a dedicated circle to invite your friends and family members to join. To protect child privacy, you can also set bubbles to allow kids to share approximate locations. So, if you are looking for a free kids tracker, Find360 would be a great fit for you.


  • Available on both Android and iOS
  • View location history
  • Check-in notifications
  • Unlimited circles and bubbles
  • Free of charge

3. Cell tracker

Cell tracker

Cell tracker is another good App to track your child’s location. Sadly the app is just available for Android users only on the Google Play store. It’s very simple and also gives an accurate location of your child and their lives movement as well.

4. FamiSafe


Femisafe is another tracking app for parental controls. It provides parents with real-time location and checks location history. It also allows you to set Geo-fences as safe zones, and get alerts when kids enter the “unsafe zone“.

Far from that, it comes with some interesting features such as app block, web filter, and explicit content on YouTube & picture detection. You can use the app to get the real-time location of your child, and kid and it also provides you with some added information like browsing history, Youtube, Main social media apps, Phone Gallery, and App usage. The Femisafe is available for both iPhone and Android.

5. Children Tracker

Children Tracker

Just as the name implies, this app’s main work is to track your child’s location. However, it also comes with other features like tracking messages, browser history, and many more.
It can also monitor calls made or received by the targeted phone. This App is available for Android only.

6. MobiStealth


MobiStealth is a good kid tracking App for a phone. This app brings you enough parental control over your kids to help him or them in time of need. It has a simple user interface and it’s easy to use as well. You can use the App to track real-time location, and data from different apps and also track text messages and IM messengers.

7. iSpyoo


This is another good child tracking App for iPhone and Android. The app was made available for iOS only, but right now it’s available for Android as well. It comes in a simple and neat user interface giving you the capability to track your kid’s whereabouts and their online activities.

8. TheTruthSpy


This is another free app for Android that you can use to track your child’s real-time location. lt lets you hack into your child’s phone giving you the ability to track the child’s social media apps with ease, IM messages, view contact details, call logs, and many more.
It’s also available for iPhone users.

9. mSpy


This is another great way to spy on your kid’s location on your iPhone and Android. It lets you track your child’s location, live chat, and many more. The good thing is that it let you hack any password on your child’s phone. What’s more, you can monitor live calls, call logs, and text messages using this app.

1o. WebWatcher 


Do you want to track your child’s location using a free app on your phone? Here is the app for it.  The name alone tells what the app is capable of. This App helps you to track location, monitor Apps, and many more.

11. Mobilespy

mobile spy

This is the most popular kids tracking App for Android. You can use the app to track and monitor contacts, call logs, text messages, and IM messages. Moreover, you can control them remotely as well.

That’s all for now. As you can see, it’s now easier than ever before to track your child’s location using your smartphone. With either iPhone or Android, you can also keep your eyes on your children, know their whereabouts, their social life, and many more. However, you should not misuse them. Always remember that people value their privacy including your child.

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