Install Google Play Store on Huawei MatePad & MatePad Pro (2022)

This is the easiest and most simple way you can use to install Google Play Store and download Google Play Services on your Huawei MatePad and Huawei MatePad Pro. Below we look at the steps to get Google Apps on your MatePad, let’s see some of the Pad specifications below.


Huawei MatePad

The Huawei MatePad is a premium Pad from Huawei that has Stylus support and also offers a large screen size of 10.4 inches with 1200 x 2000 pixels resolution. It has a Kirin 810 chipset with up to 6GB RAM and an inbuilt memory of 128GB. The Huawei MatePad also has support for the micro SDcard.

It comes with a massive 7250 mAh battery on the inside and also supports the 4G LTE network. The Huawei MatePad is powered by the Android 10 operating system. This means there is no Google Play Store on the Pad hence the reason for this article.

Huawei Matepad 10.4 (2022)

The Huawei Matepad 10.4 is the latest Tablet from the Chinese company. The Tab comes with a screen display size of 10.4 inches that has a resolution of 1200 x 2000 pixels, a 5:3 ratio (~224 ppi density). It is powered by Android 10, EMUI 10.1, no Google Play Services, and has Kirin 820 5G (7nm) with an inbuilt memory of 64GB 4GB RAM, and 128GB 4GB RAM.

The MatePad 10.4 is powered by a massive battery of 7250 mAh with Fast charging 22.5W and it’s currently selling at a price of 350 EUR.

You can watch the video here or proceeds with the steps.


How to Install Google Play Store on Huawei MatePad

To install Google Play Store on your Huawei MatePad, please follow the steps below and lets us know which one works for you through the comment section.

Method 1: Install Google Play Store on Huawei MatePad & Pro Via APK File

Step 1: Go to the Huawei MatePad app drawer.

Step 2: Open the Setting app.

Step 3: Now select Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Tap on the “Security” and then tap on “Enable Installation from Unknown Sources”.

Step 5: You will see a notification “this type of file can harm your device”. Just tap Ok to confirm.

Step 6: Download Google Play Store from HERE.

Step 7: Download Google Play Services from HERE.

Step 8: Download Google Services Framework from HERE

Step 9: After installing all the three files, go to the app drawer and launch Google Play Store.

Step 10: Here you will need to log in with your Google Account or your cab create one if you don’t have any.

After that, you can now open Google Play Store on your Huawei MatePad and download any apps you want.

Method 2: Install Google Play Store on Huawei MatePad Via GSM Installer

Step 1: Go to the Huawei MatePad app drawer.

Step 2: Open the Setting App.

Step 3: Select “Advanced Settings”.

Step 4: Tap on Security, then tap on “Enable Installation from Unknown Sources”.

Step 5: Here you will need to download and install GSM installer HERE.

Step 6: After that, download the Google Play Store APK file from HERE.

Step 7: Install the Google Play Store APK on your Huawei Y7p phone and then log in and enjoy downloading apps from Google Playstore.

Method 3: Install Google Play Store on Huawei MatePad Via Google Installer

Step 1: Download Google Installer APK HERE and Google Play Store APK HERE.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources from Huawei settings.

Step 3: Now locate the APK files you just downloaded and install them by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: After that, you will have to install the Google Services Framework device.

Step 5: Just tap the Red Button and accept the terms and give all the permissions.

Step 6: You can now find Google Playstore and install it.

Step 7: Preferable install the Google Play Services before installing the Google Playstore.

Method 4: Install Google Play Store on Huawei MatePad Via Chat Partner app

Step 1: Download and install the app HERE.

Step 2: After running the app, tap Detect Device then Repair Now, and finally Activate.

Method 5: Install Google Play Store or GMS on Huawei Matepad Pro Via the Google services framework

Step 1: Download Huawei HiSuite on your PC.

Step 2: Download the Lazy App and Google Apps from here.

Step 3: As you can see, you need a PC to run through the process.

Step 4: After installing those Apps on Steps 1 and 2, connect your Huawei phone to your PC via USB cable and set it to File Transfer Mode.

Step 5: After that, move over to Settings and search for HDB.

Step 6: Now select Allow HiSuite to use the HDB option.

Step 7: Wait for some time while your device connects to the PC via the HiSuite.

Step 8: As soon as it’s connected, you should see the HiSuite screen appear on your PC.

Step 9: Now download and extract the LZPlay app on your PC. A password prompt will appear, just enter a12345678 as the password. Good, the LZPLAY installation has been completed.

Step 10: You can now move over to over to your Huawei device and using the file manager app, install the six Apps you downloaded from step 2.

Step 11: Ensure you install all the apps one by one and permits them.

Step 12: Once you are through with the installation, launch the LZPlay app on your device. Press Activate and ignore anything you see on the menu screen.

Step 13: That’s all. Just register your device with your Google ID.

That’s all guys. We hope you find this article helpful. However, if you encounter any problem with signing in to your Google account, uninstall the Google Play Store and install it again.

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