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Make An Appointment At Apple Store

It quite obvious, that sometimes your iPhone or iPad or other Apple product might not be functioning properly, as expected, perhaps you need to make an appointment at your local App Store. Making an appointment at your local App Store is not actually where the problem lies, where the problem lies is how to make the appointment. If peradventure you find it hard to do that. All hope is not lost. This article topic was initiated just to help you discover possible ways you can set up an appointment at an Apple store.

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To blow your wildest imaginations, Apple does not charge anyone for their appointment using any of their Geniuses. Irrespective of that, have in mind that if they are not able to repair your problem on the site, or if your device needs replacement parts there are charges associated to it. What will determine the amount you will pay is if your device is covered under Apple Care plans and warranties or if they are out of warranty. Note: liquid or water damage is not covered even if you have a warranty or not.

Tips on How to Make An Appointment With The Apple Genius Bar. 

To use the Apple Genius bar to make an appointment, follow the troubleshooting steps below. Before then, have in mind that some problems only allows you to receive support through emails, phone support, and chart sections. Irrespective of what you think you know or heard, you can just drop by your local Apple Store and get a Genius to look at your device.

But one major disadvantage it has is that it consumes a lot of time, you have to wait for quite a long time before the appointment slot will be available, depending on how busy the store and Geniuses are–so you have to really exercise patience.

Another option is actually to make your appointment ahead of time, you can use the Apple support app to do this on your iPhone or iPad. Perhaps you can make an appointment using a web browser on a computer or any other device. The Apple Support App Option To Make An Appointment (not available in all countries)

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To do this:

1. Download and install the Apple support app on your device using App Store if you don’t have the app.

2. Makes sure that the Apple support App is open and that you signed in with your Apple ID. You can do this by checking the account information.

3. Select Get Support on the bottom menu.

4. Choose the device that is having the problem from the devices associated with your Apple ID list

5. At this juncture. You will see the most common problems and solution, click on them if you want to learn more

6. follow the on-screen steps to isolate your problem and look for the option to get to the appointment page.

7. Click on location now. Note: Locations Services must be enabled for this to work–so allow it if not already allowed

8. We discovered that Apple support lists the closest providers to your current location Dand that store’s availability. Click on the provider to choose that location

9. Click on the date and time u prefer,

10. Just on the summary page, review the appointment details and press Reserve to confirm it. Note, to change date and time making use of the back arrow and update.

11. If in case you want to check status, click on the Account button in the bottom menu. Look for appointments and case ID information as well as options to check your Apple Care coverage, warranty information alongside with expiration date.

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