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Best Android Optimizer & Cleaner Apps 2023

Best Android Optimizer and Cleaner Apps: Generally, your Android smartphone wouldn’t need regular maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you have to clean the phone only when something goes wrong.

There are a ton of cleaner apps that could help in keeping your Android smartphone in shape, and in this post, we would be highlighting 10 of the best cleaner apps for your Android smartphone.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is quite a popular cleaner app for android. It has the “ranking system” which is aimed at motivating you to keep your android device in shape. To do a clean-up with the app, all it takes is a tap.

Clean Master

With over a billion downloads on the Play Store, Clean Master is up top on the list of popular cleaner apps for Android. It functions just as well and would boost the performance and battery life of your Android smartphone.
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DU Speed Booster

Trusted by hundreds of millions of users, DU Speed Booster is one of the best cleaner apps as of right now. It optimizes background apps, free memory space, amongst other nifty features it has.

Power Clean

Power Clean is a light-weight, fast, and smart cleaner app for most Android smartphones. The app is designed to clean up junk files and optimize storage space comprehensively. Just one tap in the app sees you optimizing your Android device.
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Hi Security

Hi Security is a smart combination of a memory cleaner, antivirus, and booster; all in one package. It’s got an intuitive UI, from where you can view the vitals of your Android phone; it is easy to scan and get rid of junk files and folders.


This is the android version of the software that’s available for Mac and PC. It is a multifunctional cleaner app that would analyse and clean up your Android phone.

SD Maid

Obviously, by virtue of its name, SD Maid is hoping to be “at your service”, being the digital cleaner your Android phone needs. It’s got 4 quick actions; including the interestingly named “CorpseFinder”.

All-in-One Toolbox

Asides cleaning up your Android phone, All-in-One Toolbox would keep an eye on Battery and CPU usage, as well as boosting overall performance whenever it can. Download it for your Android phone.

Norton Clean

This one has the advantage of being from the stables of a security company (just like CCleaner). Norton Clean would “remove the clutter” from your Android smartphone, as Norton claims. Get Norton Clean here.

Ace Cleaner

It’s probably the simplest Android Cleaner app you’d come across, and yet, it’s still very effective. It offers a fresh experience in phone optimization, and also has other features such as Battery saver, CPU cooler, and some others.

Android Cleaner Apps FAQs

Which cleaner app is best for Android?

You’ll find aforelisted, some of the best cleaner apps for Android as of right now, and choose one based on your preference.

Does Cleaner really work on Android?

The cleaner does have its issues on the Windows/PC platform, majorly due to its acquisition by Avast. The Android version of CCleaner isn’t perfect by any stretch, but it’s better than spammy cleaner apps.

Do you need a cleaner app for Android?

Ordinarily, regular clean-ups isn’t necessary for Android Phones, but it is good practice not to wait until something starts going wrong with the device before carrying out occasional clean-ups.

How can I speed up my Android?

The performance of an Android smartphone could be boosted by clearing up junk files and folders; freeing up RAM space, and keeping an eye on background processes.

What is the best app to speed up my Android?

You’ve got tons of Cleaner apps for Android you can choose from. However, beware of apps that could be malicious; in general, opt for the more popular cleaner apps, as they tend to be trusted by more people.

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