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Lyft Customer Service Phone Number & Email

Lyft Customer Service Phone number and Email Address: Lyft is famous for its cheapest ride in the USA, if you want to contact with this company, then you may use both phone numbers and emails.  For any kind of help regarding your service or any other query, contact Lyft’s customer service phone number available on this article. You may send an email to the customer service staff about your problem using their email address.

Lyft What it is?

Lyft is an American transportation network company. This service was founded in 2012 to rival Uber, which was also founded in the same year. Lyft provides the cheapest rides through its app around the world.  The company mainly deals with ride sharing to make your trip easy and special for you by providing services at reasonable prices.

Lyft evolved from Zimride, a ride-hailing service created by Green and Zimmer in 2007. Lyft delivers approximately 1 million rides each day as of July 2017.

Lyft customer service

Who is the CEO of Lyft?

This company was founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer in June 2012. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. In the year 2013 March, Lyft announced a new funding round of $60 million from Andreessen Horowitz and K9 Ventures to grow its business globally.

In the year 2014 July, the company announced another funding round of $250 million from Coatue Management and Norwest Venture Partners. In the same year, Lyft becomes available in Canada for both iOS and Android. In the year 2015 January, the company introduced a new carpooling service called Lyft Line in San Francisco to offer lower rates than its competitors’ UberX.

Lyft works on an application-based system that enables customers to apply their service with just a few clicks.  It is the easiest way to order a Lyft car with your smartphone by logging into this app and generating a request for a pickup location.

In the year 2017, in January, Lyft planned to expand its service in Toronto, Ontario, and Quebec City. In the same month company partnered with UBER’s rival Gett in the same year June, they launched in Mexico City.

Lyft business model is based on referrals and not on the advertisement.  The company offers an opportunity to its drivers to join their huge network through a referral program which helps them make more money while driving around.  This is the biggest plus point of Lyft because, unlike other companies, this company doesn’t give any incentive to the driver in order to do business with them.

Lyft is present all around North America with its spread network of more than 250 cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.  It’s special in that it offers cheap services in comparison with others in which you can save up to 35% on your riding journey with Lyft.

What is Unique About Lyft Services?

Lyft provides carpooling service, unlike other competitors who are providing rides for individual customers.  The company also has some amazing benefits to the driver by giving them the opportunity to earn more than $35 per hour when driving which they do not get in any other ride-sharing network.  Driver’s car must be clean, new, and appropriate even with working air conditioning.

Lyft provides special offers for its drivers to participate in their network by giving them weekly cash bonuses on rides completed, providing opportunities to do flex hours, no credit check requirement for driver’s qualification, the anonymity of the driver as well as passengers. Lyft also brings a special feature called self-serve which enables drivers to set their own price for the ride and rides are only available within a certain range of time.

Your Lyft customer service number will be available in this article.  You can call them anytime and ask your query regarding Lyft Services, complaints, feedback, etc. And you can also contact them by sending an email.

What is Lyft Customer Care Email?

What is Lyft Customer Care Phone Number?

No app is required to request a ride from a Lyft representative by dialing 631-201-LYFT (631-201-5938). Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, agents are available.

What is LyftCustomer Care Address?

Address: 185 Berry Street Suite 5000 San Francisco, CA 94107 USA

List of Cities Where You Can A Lyft Ride is Available in Florida

Do I get my money back if I cancel a Lyft?

If you’ve been waiting an unreasonable amount of time or if they refuse your ride for no apparent reason, then contact the Lyft customer service team and let them know that their driver is not responding in a timely manner.  And I am sure you will get your money back if it is true!  Refunding is possible only in some cases like if the driver cancels, your ride never arrives, etc.

Lyft reserves the right to investigate any and all accounts that are suspected of abusing their system for monetary gain. Lyft can reset or suspend an account at any time which could result in a loss of earnings.  If you are found guilty, you will lose your ability to access Lyft’s services which will result in loss of all credit.

If you experience any problem with the payment process, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service department and make sure that your money is not lost by making false charges on your account.

Lyft has also issued an additional refund policy for special cases like if a rider falls above $25 or you were charged with additional fees that are not mentioned in the fare details. So if your ride comes out to cost more than $25, then Lyft will refund you for the difference between $25 and the fair total.  No need to calculate anything since they provide this kind of service for free.

Any earnings on your account which is less than $5 will not be refunded.  And refunds cannot be applied to your account if you have already withdrawn the funds or bought anything with that money in your account. So keep this thing in mind before demanding a refund!

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Final Thoughts

Lyft is the first car-service company in the world to create a new driver community where drivers can build their own business on top of driving. Lyft also focuses on building an extraordinary relationship with its customers by providing them with the best transportation experience at affordable prices. You can contact them by sending an email or by calling them if you are not satisfied with your ride. And I am sure you will get the best customer service from their side because they always become ready to help their customers at any time!

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