The iPhone SE (2020) is an Apple budget Smartphone that comes with a physical home button. The device is similar to the iPhone 8 which was announced in 2016. So it’s different from the iPhone X without a physical home button, so the method of taking a screenshot on the iPhone SE 2020 is different.

The method of taking a screenshot on the iPhone SE (2020) is similar to that of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.


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How to Take Screenshot on iPhone SE 2020

Step 1: Press the Side button on your iPhone SE. At the same time also press the Home button. Now as soon as you let go of the button, a screenshot will be taken. Remember, if you fail to press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time, your iPhone SE will accidentally invoke other actions such as Siri or lock your device.  So make sure you press them at the same time.

screenshots on iPhone SE 2020

Step 2: After taking the screenshot, you will hear the camera shutter sound, and the screenshot preview will show up at the bottom. Now to edit the screenshot, tap on it and you will see the option to annotate and edit the screenshot.

You can also use the opportunity to crop the screenshot from here as well. Further, if you don’t want the sound of the screenshot, you can mute it by putting your iPhone on mute.

Step 3: To share your screenshot, tap and hold the preview to directly jump to the Share sheet and send the screenshot to an app you wish to share it. You can also dismiss the screenshot preview and it will automatically save in the Screenshot album in the Photos app.

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone SE (2020) Using Assistive Touch

You can use the Assistive Touch to take a screenshot well.

Step 1: Enable Assistive Touch, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and enable the Assistive Touch option. You should now see a semi-transparent button added to your screen.

Step 2: Customize Top Level Menu, tap on it, and then tap the Custom icon and select Screenshot from the list. The screenshot button will then be added to the Assistive Touch Menu. You can tap on any of the default icons to replace it with the Screenshot button, or any other option from the list.

Step 3: Now that the screenshot option is added to the Assistive Touch menu, you can take a one-handed screenshot anytime by tapping on the Assistive Touch button followed by the screenshot button.

How to View Screenshots on iPhone SE (2020)

Any screenshot you take with your iPhone SE will be in the Screenshots album inside the Photos app.  This album will be auto-created once you take your first screenshot.

Now anytime you take screenshots, it will be added automatically to the album. Making it easy to locate all your screenshots anytime by taping on the album list.

iPhone SE 2020 screenshot not working

have you tried taking screenshots with the above steps and it’s not working? Well, the problem might be a minor and there is no need to panic. Try to force reboot your iPhone by pressing and hold the Home and Power buttons together for at least 10 seconds. 

After your iPhone SE reboot, try taking the screenshot again. I believe this time around it will work. However, if it refuses to take a screenshot, then its time to use the Assistive Touch to take a screenshot by following the method above.

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