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How to Delete Lyft Account in 2023

Lyft provides the just-in-time ride service you need, whether you’re running late or need quick transportation between downtown locations with minimal hassle. It’s become so popular for a reason: downloading the app, choosing a destination, and waiting for an incoming driver all take minutes or less, getting you where you need to go quickly.

That said, many people want to stop using Lyft, either temporarily to save money and walk more or permanently due to a move or a change in transportation options. Others are working to clean up the digital footprint of a deceased friend or family member.


If that’s the case, deleting your entire Lyft account is one of the best options.

How to Delete Your Lyft Account Forever

It’s a common misconception, as with other phone apps, that deleting or uninstalling the app from your phone deletes your account. In reality, that account information persists and can be accessed using the correct username and password on a different device.

Here are the steps to completely delete your account, including all data that Lyft is permitted to delete:

  • Go to the account deletion page to delete an account.
  • Get the verification code and then select “Delete Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • Justify your departure from the application.
  • Confirm by typing the word “delete.”

Go to the account deletion page to get started.

Those who want to delete their Lyft accounts should go to a special account deletion page, according to the Lyft Help Center. Once you’ve arrived at this page, the first thing you’ll want to do is log in with your phone number. Follow this URL to the account deletion page:

Get the verification code and then select “Delete Account” from the drop-down menu.

You may be asked to wait for a verification code to be sent to your phone if you weren’t already logged in or if you don’t frequently use the app.

Once you’ve received it, type in the number from the text message and click “Verify” to confirm. You’ll see a button to delete your Lyft account and all its data.

Justify your departure from Lyft.

Lyft, like many other businesses, wants to improve over time, so they ask you why you’re leaving.

They provide options for account security and not using Lyft frequently, but you are not required to provide them with any information regarding your departure.

Type “delete” and hit “enter” to confirm.

To delete a Lyft account, all you have to do is type the word “delete” in the box. Because deleting a Lyft account has no time limit, this action is permanent for both riders and drivers.

The only exception is if your account is being investigated for something like fraud, in which case you’ll have to wait until the case is resolved before you can complete the deletion.

How to Delete a Lyft Account for Someone Who Has Passed Away

If your loved one was a frequent Lyft user or worked for them as an independent contractor, deleting their account may be part of your resolution process. As part of our post-loss checklist, we recommend deleting important accounts. This protects not only your loved one’s identity but also their digital information.

Here’s how to request that the account of a deceased loved one be permanently deleted:

  • If possible, deactivate the account using the steps outlined above.
  • To make a request, use Lyft’s support ticket system.
  • Follow up on any documents that have been requested.

Use Lyft’s support ticket system For Account Deletion

If you don’t have the person’s account information but still want to delete their account, there is another option. Online, go to Lyft’s Help Center and fill out a ticket under “Contact Support.” Explain the circumstances and include a link to the obituary if possible so that your case for why this account no longer needs to be active is clear.

Lyft’s website does not state that accounts for users who have died will be deleted, but making the request may prompt them to change their policies and create a more transparent, easy-to-follow process for dealing with the digital remains of deceased loved ones.

Follow up on any documents that have been requested.

If Lyft contacts you about your ticket by phone or email, respond promptly with any documentation they require to close out the account and support request.

A quick response can keep your request moving forward and, in the end, result in the account being deleted, allowing you to move on knowing that their sensitive data will be deleted. The sooner this occurs, the less difficult it will be to delete your loved one’s remaining digital accounts.

Lyft’s privacy policy: everything you need to know

Although Lyft will delete your account, they will keep your information, according to the company (something you agree to when you sign up for Lyft). Check out the Lyft Privacy Policy to learn more about what they plan to do with this information. The following are the main types of data that Lyft collects from you and keeps even if you delete your account:

  • Name, email address, and phone number are examples of personal information.
  • Anything you put in your Lyft profile while using the app, including your photo if you put one in.
  • Your name, gender, profile photo, and Facebook friends if you signed up using Facebook
  • Your account’s payment method (for example, credit card) and its details
  • Any interactions you may have had with Lyft’s customer service
  • Location information – where you were while using the app, the rides you took, the distance traveled, the cost, and so on.
  • IP address, web browser type, mobile operating system version, phone carrier and manufacturer, application installations, device identifiers, mobile advertising identifiers, and push notification tokens are all examples of device information.
  • Information about your calls and texts with Lyft drivers
  • Your Lyft driver ratings and reviews

How do I stop receiving Lyft emails?

You’d think that after you fire Lyft and delete your account, they’d realize you don’t want to receive their emails any longer, but that isn’t the case. Lyft will do everything it can to entice you back, including sending you weekly emails with discounts on rides if you return. If you don’t want to receive Lyft communications any longer, follow these steps:

Follow the same steps as above to delete your account, but instead of selecting Contact Support, go to

  • Profile and Account Settings.
  • Delete Account or Unsubscribe.
  • Unsubscribe from Emails on the Lyft Help Page.

Simply explain why you no longer want to receive emails and click Submit.

Lyft will no longer send you emails or notifications, and you will be permanently cut off from the service! However, how will you get around now? LMAO

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