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How Much Does Doordash Pay?

How much does Doordash pay? or let put it this way, how much do Doordash drivers make? or how much can you make with Doordash? These are some of the questions that those who want to become Doordash drivers want to make before they make their decision. Well, there is nothing wrong with trying to know your estimated earnings before joining any company or organization.

Before we go into Doordash pay and their driver earnings, let’s take a quick look at Doordash. Whats is Doordash and how can you benefit or make money from the company?

What is Doordash?

Doordash is a food delivery company founded by three Stanford students in 2014.  They have an app that you can use to deliver food anyway in the United States. How it works is that users can order food from any local merchants and have it delivered in less than an hour using Doordash.

The service also allows users to order food by category, restaurant, speed, and price. What Doordash does is to connect restaurants and eateries across all major US cities. So with the app, you can view available delivery times for restaurants in the surrounding area.

Delivery time begins at 8 am and goes up to 11 pm. The total cost of your order includes paying for the menu items, tax, and delivery fee. You can make payments using your credit cards.

Doordash pay

Doordash Customer Service Phone Number

If you have any information, complain, or need special customer service, you can contact Doordash using this number and email below.

Phone: +1 (844) 285-0248
Email: [email protected]

Their head office address is below

DoorDash, Inc
116 New Montgomery St, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States

How You Can Benefit or Make Money From Doordash

You can benefit and make a cool income from Doordash by becoming their driver. As a driver, your job is to deliver food to users whenever they order for one. There is a driver login dashboard on their Doordash app and you can benefit from promotions.

Such promotion includes Peak Pay and Challenge Bonuses. Yes, you can earn extra money on each delivery through Peak Pay, and Challenge Bonuses. You can also make extra money from tip from customers. Customers are allowed to tip at checkout and soon, after the delivery.

The amount Drivers or better call Dashers earn is base pay and has nothing to do with the tip they receive. As you can see, there are multiple ways Dashers can use to make money on the Doordash app. Well, let’s look at how much Door Dash pays their drivers.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay?

The DayPay from Doordash to drivers ranges from $2-$10+ per delivery depending on the estimated duration, distance, and order. Since delivery that is expected to take more time will require Dashers or Drivers to travel a longer distance, and that is less popular with Dashers will have higher pay.

How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Make a Month

According to ziprecruiter, the estimated average earning of Doordash drivers per month ranges from $2,250 – $3,458 across the United States. The lowest-earning Dashers makes is around $1,208 while the highest-earning is as high as $5,333. The earning is based on cities. For example, Doodash delivery service is most popular in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area.

Top Highest-Earning Cities From Doordash

  • San Mateo, CA: (Annual: $45,079), (Monthly: $3,757), (Weeky: $867).
  • Berkeley, CA:  (Annual: $43,551), (Monthly: $3,629), (Weekly: $838).
  • Daly City, CA:  (Annual: $43,429), (Monthly: $3,619), (Weekly: $835).
  • Richmond, CA: (Annual: $42,292), (Monthly: $3,524), (Weekly: $813).
  • Stamford, CT:  (Anuual: $41,182), (Monthly: $3,432), (Weekly: $792).
  • Bellevue, WA: (Annual: $41,069), (Monthly: $3,422), (Weekyly: $790).
  • San Francisco, CA:  (Annual: $40,715)  (Monthly: $3,393), (Weekly: $783).
  • Brooklyn, NY:  (Annual: $40,435) (Monthly: $3,370), (Weekly: $778).
  • Lakes, AK: (Annual: $40,268)  (Monthly: $3,356), (Weekly: $774).
  • Knik-Fairview, AK: (Annual: $40,217), (Monthly: $3,351), (Weekly: $773).

As you can see, anybody can make a good amount of money driving for Doordash. And the good news is that Doodash does not take any amount from your Pay. Just know need to pay self-employment taxes. Doordash driving is worth it after all. Except you live in an area where their poor performance of Doordash delivery.

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