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As the number of subscribers for cable is decreasing, providers have come up with a solution to retain customers. Most of them introduced their online streaming services, which provide channels and thousands of on-demand choices. These streaming services usually cost around $15/month with a channel line-up of 60+ famous channels.

Streaming services offered by cable providers

A few examples of such services include AT&T TV and Spectrum TV Essentials, this makes up a deal for those customers who chose not to pay thousands a year for cable TV service but still like to keep internet service. They have brought their cable service packaged as a streaming service, that would cost much less than traditional cable. It is their attempt to keep cable TV relevant in times when it’s losing significance by the day.

However, other providers like Grande TVare more focused on promoting traditional cable service by offering unmatched services at the most reasonable costs. So, if you are one of the technophobes, who are comfortable using conventional services rather than adapting to advanced technologies, do check out such Cable TV services to entertain yourselves.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular streaming services provided by your favorite providers.

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    AT&T TV

AT&T TV was planned to be a live TV streaming network similar to a traditional cable channel. It has both contract and no-contract plans, and it works with a wide range of smart devices.

AT&T TV replaces AT&T TV Now, the company’s previous streaming service. AT&T revealed on January 12 that it will no longer be accepting new customers for AT&T TV Now, though current users will continue to use the service. The service now provides no-contract packages and support for other streaming players, while it previously used to require contracts and an AT&T TV system to watch live channels.

You may register on their website for one of AT&T TV’s various bundles. Prices and specific promotions vary according to whether you are subscribing to a month-by-month package or an annual deal.

Certain deals include the possibility to use the season NBA League Pass. Additional costs may be paid for adding bundles such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Spanish-language and foreign channels. You may also add an extra DVR storage time for $10 a month on each non-contract service.

AT&T TV is fit to work well with a range of devices like Android to iOS, FireTV, Chromecast, and Roku.

Although a certain type of AT&T TV device was originally needed, that is not the situation anymore. That being said, the AT&T TV player has some advantages, such as a remote Google assistant and Google Play apps control.

The AT&T TV charges $5 for 24 months a month or 120 dollars in advance.

  1. Spectrum TV

These streaming services are unlike other streaming services though. Other streaming services offer single movies as well as shows that you can watch separately, but Spectrum TV Essentials offers a collection of a few dozen of cable channels including MTV, Nickelodeon, Weather Channel, and Food Network to its internet users. These channels are already offered in the standard cable packages but at a much higher price. You cannot download anything to watch later when you’re offline but there are parental control options available.

HBO had always been an add-on with traditional cable. Hence, it is not included in TV Essentials either. In fact, Internet-Only HBO has its streaming service too which goes by the name of HBO Now.


The Spectrum TV Essentials will cost a mere $15/month with taxes, fees, and surcharges on top. However, there will be no installation fee or any other additional fees.

Channel Line-Up

With a low price like that there has to be a catch. Spectrum TV Essentials includes 60+ channels that mostly include entertainment and lifestyle channels. If you’re a sports fan then the bad news for you is that none of the cable sports channels nor the local channels are included. From songs about love to changing your lifestyle for some self-love, it has you covered to the fullest. You can check the complete channel lineup on Spectrum’s website.

Compatible Devices

You will need to download the Spectrum TV App on your compatible devices to access Spectrum TV Essentials. This means that you can choose to watch TV at home through your connected devices via a modem and router authorized by Spectrum or watch on the go on your cell phone or tablet.

Below is a list of compatible devices:

  1. Apple TVs
  2. Samsung Smart TVs
  3. Roku
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire
  5. Xbox One
  6. iOS Phones and Tablets
  7. Android Phones and Tablets
  8. Desktop Computers


For now, the Cloud DVR is not available with TV Essentials. However, Spectrum may soon launch this feature as well.


If you’re like me and cable TV is just a source of entertainment for you in these rare times when you actually have some time by yourself, then streaming services would be perfect for you. You’ll be able to get the cable TV experience without paying the high price. All it needs is a high–speed internet, if you’re looking for a reliable connection, head over to where you will get loads of options showing up in your area. However, if you’re a sports fan or someone who likes to stay on top of the latest news, then you may want to consider spending the extra buck and getting a cable TV package that would include all the local, national sports, and news channels.

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