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What is LEDKeeper2.exe? A Virus or Malware and Uninstall

LEDKeeper2.exe is the name of an executable program that you may find installed on your computer. In this guide, we’ll discuss what LEDKeeper2.exe actually is and explain some important reasons why it might be on your computer as well as tell you how to properly uninstall it to help prevent any potential issues with your PC in the future that can stem from LEDKeeper2.exe being left on your computer. For more information about LEDKeeper2.exe, take a look at article

What is LEDKeeper2.exe?

LEDKeeper2.exe is a legitimate executable that belongs to WinLED, a color-changing program for desktops. It is not spyware, malware, or virus, but it does have the potential to cause problems if you don’t know what it’s for or what it does because WinLED will change your desktop colors without warning if you open the folder containing the application in Windows Explorer while running this executable. 

  • It was originally created as an experiment by Oren Novotny from Minnesota State University Moorhead when he was 18 years old. 
  • Today, Novotny is 27 years old and CEO of xtoPortal, the company which currently owns WinLED. 
  • The newest version of WinLED 2.0 comes with preset themes so people can use the software right out of the box. – WinLED includes a timer feature that automatically changes the desktop color every day at a specified time, allowing users to create their own daily schedule for their computer screens. 
  • You can also sync your computer’s clock to any other time zone around the world through WinLED so you’ll always know what time it is wherever you are. – If you want to customize the appearance of your desktop even more, there are hundreds of free downloadable user interface skins available online. 
  • Many popular games and programs have been designed to work well with WinLED. Some examples include World Of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Source, Doom 3, Deus Ex: Invisible War, and EverQuest II. For example, in World of Warcraft, you can use WinLED to set specific text and background colors for different chat channels, so make sure to remove them immediately.

Is  LEDKeeper2.exe safe to have on my computer?

This file is not a virus, but it’s still a good idea to get rid of it. Your computer may be running slow because this file has been on your hard drive for a long time and is taking up space that could be used by other programs. And if you want to keep your computer running smoothly, you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible! 1. 

Wait for the program to finish uninstalling, then restart your computer and see how fast it runs now! The utility should automatically scan your system and list all installed applications on your computer with details such as their size. Locate LED Keeper 2 in the list, right-click on it, then select Uninstall from the menu that appears at the bottom of your screen. When prompted, confirm that you want to uninstall the application. Once it’s finished, restart your computer again and take notice of how much faster it starts up now that LED Keeper 2 is no longer there! 

There are many reasons why files like these can remain after a manual uninstall, so it might require some additional steps before the issue is resolved. 

You might need to go through your Windows registry to find remnants of this file; any leftover entries can lead to problems down the line. It’s worth going through the process though because otherwise, your computer will just start slowing down over time as more files accumulate. 

That’s where registry cleaners come in handy; they search out unnecessary data and restore them back to normal speed.  But sometimes removing all traces of this executable isn’t enough–you may also have to delete the contents of your hard drive by formatting it entirely. 

While formatting won’t erase sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) from your PC, it will wipe out everything else and give your computer a fresh start. Depending on what type of software you use and how often you use it, reformatting might not be necessary. If your installation disk came bundled with the program, reformatting shouldn’t pose an issue either since this would entail deleting every single file on your hard drive.

How Do I Remove It From My Computer?

To remove the program, you can follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the LEDKeeper2 icon in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen (near time and date). – Select ‘Exit’.
  • Close all programs. – Click Start button, type ‘Task Manager’ into the search bar, then click Task Manager. Click the Processes tab to see a list of currently running programs. Scroll down until you find LEDKeeper2.exe on the list and end the process by clicking the End Process button. 

You may also need to manually delete any files that are related to this application. These files will be found inside the following folders depending on your operating system: Windows 10 -> C:\Program Files\LEDKeeper  If there is nothing listed inside those folders, please contact Microsoft Support for assistance with removing unwanted applications from your computer.

  • If you do not know how to uninstall an application from your computer, please contact Microsoft Support for assistance.  – Be aware that it’s possible the installation file does not get removed when deleting files through Task Manager or through other means.
  • Always make sure to fully scan your computer with anti-virus software after you’ve uninstalled any potentially harmful application.


Unfortunately, LEDKeeper 2 does not seem to be a virus or malware, but rather it is a faulty program that will force your computer to freeze. It is advised to delete the file and remove it from your computer as soon as possible. 

 If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we will be glad to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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