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10 Best Private Car Rental Apps For iPhone

Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone: Car rentals are a convenient and economical way to get around during long-distance travel, and it is way more economical than hiring a taxi.

If you’re out to rent a car, you could do it from your iPhone; and in this post, you would be exposed to some of the best Car Hiring apps you can find in the App Store of your iPhone.

  1. Getaround

This is one no-hassle, on-demand Car rental app that offers solid car rental services without the need for paperwork.

You can hire from a wide range of cars, and get extra features such as unlocking your hired car with your iPhone, and much more. Download from here for free (it’s even got no annual fee!)

  1. Zipcar

Zipcar prides itself in being one of the easiest and quickest ways to hire a rental car. You’re well covered as far as Insurance and gas are concerned, plus, you get to choose the car of your choice, and hire on a daily or hourly basis. The membership fee is $6 a month, and fare rates are around $8-10 per hour. Download Zipcar for iPhone.

  1. Turo

Turo is actually one of the largest car rental marketplace there is, and travelers can easily rent any car of their choice from a community of car owners in the larger part of North America. You get up to 30% off renting directly from local owners. Download the app for iPhone here

  1. SilverCar

This is one stress-free rental service you can access from your iPhone. You sign-up, reserve and drive, right from your iPhone! You also get a ton of extras for your hired rental car and an overall memorable car rental experience. Download SilverCar here.

  1. CarRentals

CarRentals is arguably the best iPhone car rental app you can find right now, and for good reasons. It allows you to compare cheap car rental agencies, and choose which suits you. It’s got solid customer support and is available in 28 languages. Download the App for your iPhone.

  1. RelayRides

RelayRides is one robust peer-to-peer car rental marketplace. You can rent a car at a daily rate ($25 a day), weekly rate ($125 a week) or monthly rate ($400 a month).

  1. CarzUp

This car rental app also lets you compare prices from a wide range of car rental companies. It also allows you to search car rental services across USA, Europe, and Canada. It is a good car rental app overall, and you can get it for your iPhone here

  1. Hertz

 Hertz can be had, not just on your iPhone, but also your iPad and iPod Touch (if you have them). It allows you to make bookings on rental cars with as much ease and speed as you would really like. Download Hertz here

  1. Car2Go

Car2Go allows you to easily hire rental cars in European cities, using just one account. Its charges are very flexible: even offering minute and hourly charge. Get the app here

  1. Skyscanner

This is actually a travel app, but it does offer car rental services; allowing you to search, compare and book rental cars. It is quite easy to use, and you can get the app for iPhone here


Which Car App is the Best?

There is a lot of really good Car app, and finding the best one for you depends on the region you’re hoping to use a car rental service. Generally, car apps that allow you to compare a wide range of services are the best. CarRentals, CarzUp and Car2Go are some of the best car apps you can find.

How do I get the best price on a rental car?

The best way to get a good price on a rental car is to compare rental services, and take advantage of incentives and bonus offers offered by car rental agencies.

What is the best car rental company?

National is really known for its wide selection of cars, and great car rental service.

How much does it cost to rent a car on Turo?

The price for renting a car on Turo is set by the local car owners and is generally between $25 to a few hundreds of dollars.

Which car app tells you the cheapest price?

Generally, car apps such as CarRentals, CarzUp, Car2Go allow you to compare prices from a selection of car rental agencies; thereby giving you the opportunity to pick the cheapest option you can find.

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