How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone 13 / 13 Mini / 13 Pro Max

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In this post, you will learn how you can reset iPhone 13 network setting and also what happens when you reset the network setting on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Well, the iPhone 13 Mini might still be a new device, but sometimes, you can’t just help but to reset the network setting on your device.

Resetting network settings on the iPhone 13 is one of the ways you can use to fix some bugs on the network or wifi issues. Some iPhones may have wifi issues like the wifi not connecting or the internet network not browsing. In such cases, your only resolution is to reset the network setting on your device. With that been said, below is how to reset the network setting on your iPhone.

What Happen When You Reset Network Settings On iPhone 13 / 13 Mini / 13 Pro Max

You normally hear or see people telling others to always back up their data on their internal setting before resetting their device and you must be wondering what will happen when you do that. Basically, there is six reset option available on your iPhone when you tap on the Settings > General > Reset. You will see options like the one in the following…

reset network setting iPhone


  • Reset All Settings Use this option before attempting a master reset.
  • Erase All Content and Settings Use this option for master reset. Be sure to select Erase all & keep data plans.
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Reset Home Screen Layout
  • Reset Location & Privacy

Now when you type in your passcode and confirm it by tapping the Ok button you will successfully reset one of the following options listed above. Talking about network resetting, when you do that, the following changes will occur on your device.

  • Stored Wi-Fi networks will be deleted.
  • Stored tethered connections will be deleted.
  • Paired Bluetooth devices will be deleted.
  • Background data sync settings will be turned on.
  • Data restrictive settings in applications that were manually turned on/off by the customer will be reset to the default setting.
  • Network selection mode will be set to automatic.
  • The preferred mobile network type will be set to best.
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You will also lose some of the following connections on your iPhone.

  • Airplane mode: OFF
  • Bluetooth: ON
  • Data roaming: OFF
  • Mobile hotspot: OFF
  • VPN: OFF
  • Mobile data: ON
  • Wi-Fi: ON

That outside, you can now perform network resetting now.

How to Reset Network Settings On iPhone 13 / 13 Mini / 13 Pro Max

Step 1: From your device home screen, tap on Settings > General > Reset.

Step 2: Next tap on Reset Network Settings.

Step 3: Tap the device password if prompted.

Step 4: Confirm selection.

How to Soft Reset iPhone 13 / 13 Mini / 13 Pro Max

If your device cant power off or it’s frozen, then what you need is a soft reset, and below is how to do that on your iPhone device.

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Step 1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up key.

Step 2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down key

Step 3: Press and hold the Side key until you see the Apple logo.

About iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is a decent smartphone that comes with a screen display size of 6.1 inches featuring Super Retina XDR OLED, HDR10, Dolby Vision, 800 nits (HBM), 1200 nits (peak) and has a resolution of 1170 x 2532 pixels. The handset is powered by an Apple A15 Bionic chipset with an inbuilt memory of 128GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM, 512GB 4GB RAM coupled with dual rear cameras of 12 MP and a front camera of 12 MP for selfies.

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