How to Cancel Standard Chartered Credit Card

Sometimes Standard Chartered Credit Card may no longer be required by cardholders due to reasons ranging from finding a better credit card in UAE, to inability to repay its associate charges.

At that point, one needs to put his or her standard chartered credit card to rest by canceling it. The steps below give a complete guide on how to do this.

Standard chartered credit card

1. Balance settlement

Just ensure that there is no outstanding balance on your card and that any loans or facilities taken on your card are settled.

2. Cancellation via Standard Chartered bank 24-Hour Phone Banking team

After you have cleared the full amount due on your card, please call the Standard Chartered bank 24-Hour Phone Banking team on 600 5222 88 from within UAE or on +971 600 5222 88 from outside UAE asking them to cancel your credit card. This number is generally provided in the back of your card.

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3. Cancellation via Net banking facility

You can also cancel your standard chartered credit card via Net banking facility. From the credit card section, select deactivate your card. Once you select the option, the cancellation process will be initiated.

That’s all you need to cancel your credit card. I hope you find the information above helpful.

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