How to Cancel RAK Bank Credit Card

The RAK bank Primary Cardholder or any Supplementary Cardholder may at any time wish to terminate the use of the RAK bank credit Card. This usually occurs when they are no longer convenient with using the RAK credit card.

RAK Bank

Below is a laid down guide to doing this

1. Consider the effect of canceling your credit card

Sometimes, impulsive thoughts and actions can be regrettable in the end. it is very important to understand the impact of canceling your RAK credit card on your lifestyle. If there is no adverse effect this cancellation can make on your lifestyle then move on with the RAK credit card cancellation.

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2. Debt settlement

Clear all outstanding debt made with your RAK credit card. This will at the end be checked by the bank before accepting your RAK credit card cancellation.

3. Give notice in writing

It is very important to notify the RAK bank through writing as this can save your RAK bank for the impending trauma of thinking that your account has been mishandled.

4. Cut the card into half

After giving notice in writing, it is then necessary to cut your RAK credit card into half.

5. Return cut card to RAK bank

By returning all Cards cut into half to your RAK Bank, the Card Account shall be closed only after the receipt by the Bank of all Cards cut in halves and full payment of all charges and other liabilities under the Card Account.

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