How to Cancel Emirates Islamic Credit Card

For you to be able to cancel your Emirates Islamic credit card, you should first request for closure of the Emirates Islamic bank account. Once all dues have been cleared, you will receive confirmation of the account’s closure.

Before canceling your Credit cards in the UAE, there are some factors you need to consider. For example, you have to clear all your bills. After that, you should now inform your Bank that you want to cancel your card.

You should note that the bank will require a written request for termination of your Emirate Islamic bank card. This method is applicable to any credit card in the UAE.

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Emirates Islamic credit card

After the confirmation of account closure, you should then have to return your credit card and the appropriate way to do it is to cut it into two and return both halves to the bank.

After that, you then have to wait. The process to clear everything in UAE mostly take a period of 45 days. So you as the cardholder will have to wait till everything is cleared.

You should also request for NO LIABILITY LETTER which is obtained at the lowest rate of AED 50 and may be required while moving out of UAE.

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