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Tax Registration Number (TRN) in UAE Complete Guide

Registrants receive a TRN number immediately after VAT registration is in UAE. Tax Registration Number or TRN is a 15-digit number that is issued to UAE  VAT registrants by the Federal Tax Authority, UAE (FTA) in order to differentiate them from the others.

The registrant mentions this number in other of his/her government documents like VAT returns, Tax Invoice, and Tax Credit so as to keep track of these documents.


To register for VAT or Get RTN,  there are a few documents which must be scanned and uploaded to the FTA. The process for this registration is an online process.

  • The bank details of the company.
  • The partners’ or business owners’ passport copies, ID issued by the Emirates government.
  • The owner’s contact details.
  • Trade license copy of the business.
  • The company’s address (including P.O box) and contact details.
  • The company’s Memorandum of Association.
  • The income statement of the company for the past year
  • Procedure for Getting TRN

The process of getting Tax Registration Number is the same with VAT registration because the RTN number can only begotten from the Federal Tax Authority immediately after VAT Registration. In order to register for VAT online, follow these simple steps below:


1. E-Services Account Creation and Login

VAT registration has been made an online process since it relieves stress on both the registrant and the UAE government.

Firstly, you need to create an account on the FTA online portal .

You would be required  to provide some of your details such as email id and password

Login to your account after receiving your login details.

2. Click on ‘Register for VAT


After logging in to your account,

Click on the button named ‘register for VAT’ present on the screen in order to bring forth a VAT getting started guide. This will surely help you understand the VAT features in UAE.

Tick ‘Click here to confirm you have read the getting started guide’ after you must read the complete guide.

Then click on “Proceed.

3. Fill in the important details required in the VAT Registration Form

A registration form will open in front of you after you must have clicked on ‘proceed’.

After filling all the pages, click on “Submit for Approval”.

Now after you must have submitted the registration form,  you would be sent an approval mail. This means that you are registered for VAT in UAE and you will receive a TRN and VAT registration certificate stating the number.

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