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Download 4 Best Dogs Training Apps For Android

Do you own a dog? Let me guess, you love pets and at least you want to own them either now or in the future. Whether you have a pet dog or trying to get one for yourself, read on as we will be looking at the best Apps that will help you train your dog. It’s not easy to train a dog that’s why many has refused to get one for themselves. The truth is that with the right Apps in this modern technology and a few other requirements you will surely succeed. Without wasting too much time, let’s dive in.


4 Best Dog Training Apps For Android

Dog Whistle

Dog Whistle

This App just as the same suggest is a nice and wonderful Apps for dogs. The App is built to emit a sound that only dogs can hear. This is to say that the App serves the purpose of attracting or getting the attention of your dog anytime you want to. You can also use the App to call off other dogs barking at your dog. Just as mentioned above, the sound the App emits is only heard by dogs. A human can not hear it because the sound waves are ranging between 100 to 22000 Hertz. This is the work of this App. It’s a free App available on Google PlayStore but comes with ads. The Maker offers in-App purchases that allow you to unlock some amazing features as well.

Dog Training

This App is similar to the one above but offers a simple package which makes it possible for users to get used to the App. In other words, it has no trashy UI elements but a simple app that give you all the needed information to train your dog. You can use the App to teach your dogs new tricks. The Apps is available on Google PlayStore for download and it’s one of the popular dog training App for Android users. It’s free though but comes with some couple of ads.

Pro Plan P5 Dog Training App

If you are new to dogs, then this App is exactly what you need. It contains the comprehensive list of all the guides you need to train a dog no matter the specific breed of dogs. After downloading the App, you will have to input the breed and the gender of the dog to get a detailed rundown of how to train with some tricks and many more. This Apps is just like a fitness tracking Apps for dogs and it comes with a video round down that will teach you all the things you need to know.


This Apps is basically for teaching your dogs new tricks. It allows you to make a sound of the clicker and you can also adjust the volume as well. To fully enjoy this App, your dog needs to know one or two tricks already because the App is somehow difficult compared to others. Nevertheless, you should check it ourselves by downloading the App on Google PlayStore.


Although there are many Apps on the google play store that promise the same features.
Here we carefully select the best and free Dog training Apps for Android that will help you train your dogs. Feel free to download and try them out.

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