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Best iPhone 11 Pro Wireless chargers

The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the latest top-of-the-line Apple devices for 2019, and as expected, it is capable of wireless charging.

This means that you can charge the device without having to plug in a lightning cable to it. If you’ve got yourself the iPhone 11 Pro, and you fancy the convenience of wireless charging, you would definitely need a good wireless charger.

In this post, we shall be highlighting some of the best iPhone 11 Pro wireless chargers that you can choose from.

Anker PowerWave 7.5

The Anker PowerWave 7.5 is a really good wireless charger for your iPhone 11 Pro.
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You can place your iPhone 11 Pro vertically or horizontally on the wireless charger, this is thanks to the twin charging coils.

You can still use your phone while it’s charging, and it would charge your iPhone Pro rapidly.


This is a slim wireless charger you can get for your iPhone 11 Pro.
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It’s a flat, circular wireless charger which has some pretty modern intelligent charging technologies.

It would keep your iPhone 11 Pro safe while charging; YooTech provides Temperature control, Surge Protection and even short-circuit prevention.

It’s even got extras, like a sleep-friendly LED indicator light which flashes for like 15 seconds, and then turn off.


This is an elegant, light-weight, compact wireless charger for iPhone 11 Pro.
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This particular wireless charger has cooling vents, making the charging temperature kept at low levels.

It’s got silicone base too, so it won’t be falling off your desk or any other surface you place it on.

If you’ve got a case on your iPhone 11 Pro, you can still charge it wirelessly on the Hevanto

CHOETECH Charging Pad

The “Halloween-ey” naming aside, the CHOETECH Charging Pad is the wireless charger to get, if you want a bit of class to go with your iPhone 11 Pro.
choetech wireless charger 1
It’s made out of tempered glass and Zinc alloy; this gives it a classy look and feels, as well as allowing for high thermal dissipation.

It would charge your iPhone 11 Pro rapidly while protecting against overcharging; plus it won’t slip off the most surface, thanks to its non-skid silicone pad on the base.


The ESR also has twin coil array on the inside, so your iPhone 11 Pro would charge rapidly no matter the orientation it’s sitting on the charger.
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It’s got all the popular wireless charging certifications: Qi, CE. FCC and RoHS.

It’s got two indicator lights, which would tell you when the charger is on standby or has detected a foreign object.


iPhone 11 Pro Wireless Chargers FAQs

Q: What is the best iPhone 11 Pro Charger?
A: In the above post, you would find the list of some of the best wireless chargers you can find for your iPhone 11 Pro.

Q: How fast can the iPhone 11 Pro wirelessly charge?
A: The charging speed of the wireless charger would determine how fast the iPhone 11 Pro would charge.

Q: What iPhones wirelessly charge?
A: Apple has been including built-in wireless charging capability in iPhones since the iPhone 8.

Q: How do I turn on wireless charging on my iPhone 11 Pro?
A: You don’t have to turn anything on. You simply place your iPhone on the wireless charger, and it starts charging.

Q: Can you charge iPhone 6 wirelessly?
A: No, unless you use a wireless charging case.

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