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Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android 2023

Makeup can be fun especially for girls. Taking a photo and then using an app to beautify your photo into a pro is the desire of many folks. Well, with the right tools you can get it done on your Android phone. Below we will be showing you the best beauty App for Android.

beauty app for android

1. ModiFace Makeup

ModiFace Makeup

This is one of the best beauty App for Android. ModiFace is also available for iPhone as well. It’s an excellent App to beautify your face into something catchy and attractive. The App allows users to undergo a virtual makeover.

It features several state-of-the-art makeup simulations, cosmetic colors, and attractive makeover effects that you will love to have. You can try different cosmetic hues and colors and also try more than 40 celebrity hairstyles.  This App is simple with a neat user interface. You can modify any photo from your smartphone camera or select from your gallery.

2. L’oreal Makeup Genius

L’oreal Makeup Genius
L’oreal is a leading name in the makeup industry. They launched their first-ever virtual makeup tester called “Makeup Genius”. Unlike other makeup beauty App, this particular one allows users to take a quick selfie and then upload the image for an instant makeover.

The Make-up Genius works like a video camera with the help of the front camera of your smartphone. It’s a sensitive and smart app as it can scan over 64 points of the face to give the perfect touch to the lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and liner. This is an excellent makeup App for the ladies since it provides a unique makeup.

3. The Glam App 

The Glam App

The Glam App is developed by a makeup artist and celebrity hairstylist Joey Maalouf and blogger/actress Cara Santana. It’s one of the best beauty App for Android that you can use to beautify that your pretty face and turn it into something unique and attractive.

One of the features I love about the App is that it comes preloaded with an assortment of freelance artists and stylists that offer advice on hair, makeup, and nail services straight on your smartphone.

4. Pretty in My Pocket 

Pretty in My Pocket 
This is another interesting app that will give you the beauty you ever wanted without spending too much. This App will help you to spend less when it comes to makeup.

All you have to do is to take your smartphone to the store, use it and scan any products you want to buy and it will present you with several reviews about the product. So with this App, you won’t find it difficult to choose any particular beauty products.

5. Facial Massage

This App does it works very well. It’s a little bit different from other innovative makeup apps. It works is to offer real-time guidance that comes with animations for different movements for the ease of the users. Furthermore, it provides text instructions as well. It will map out your face entirely for 100% precision via the front camera.

You can use the app to learn effective massage movements to combat the fine lines, stimulate the skin metabolic activity, and restore the muscle tone of your face. Additionally, it helps to help you in lifting the facial contours and regaining the natural beauty of the skin.

6. You Makeup – Makeup in Fotos 

This other great beauty tips App that comes with exciting makeup looks and effects to transform your normal image into that of a celebrity look.  It’s built with a smart face recognition system that can detect facial features faster and help you to get the desired makeover without any hassle.

The Makeup apps feature several makeup effects that you can use to customize the overall look and can impart yourself a celebrity look without any problem. You can use the App to change the color of your skin, the color of your lips, and even the shape of your eyebrow.

7. Facetune

This App is for selfies fanatics. The make-up app provides powerful tools for getting the perfect and flawless look. You can edit your image which in turn will look like a fashion magazine and you can also share it on social media. This is one of the best beauty apps you need to have on your Android phone.

8. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

This is another Beauty App for selfies lovers. The App is preloaded with more than 1,500 diverse stickers, with its facial recognition stickers, you can edit Snapchat lookalike pictures. You will also get a huge number of effects and filters with high quality to take your selfies to the next level.

You can either take a new selfie using the app or edit your pictures from the gallery. Additionally, you can use the beauty app to create music videos with many sound effects included, and you can even turn yourself into emojis using the AR Emoji feature.

9. InstaBeauty – Makeup Selfie Cam 

You can use this InstaBeauty app to get a professional look. The app has a camera App that you can use to take selfies and later make use of the effect to edit and change the look on your face.

The One-Tap Makeover feature lets you change your whole face color and others with just a click. Those with pimples or blemish can also use the App to remove them. Furthermore, you can rejuvenate your skin, brighten it, and even make your eyes bigger.

You can also use the App to whiten your teeth, appear taller, and add artistic effects so you can look more beautiful and adorable.

These are the best beauty App you should download on your Android phone. Which of these do you prefer and which one are you currently using? We will love to hear from you.

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