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10 Best Incoming Caller ID App For iPhone 2023

When it comes to identifying unknown numbers on our idevice, Caller ID is the only solution. The App is very useful in today’s World where scammers, fraud stars are using any available means to carry out their deeds. I once received a call from an unknown number and my caller ID App quickly identify the Caller as scammer. To get started, below are the best Caller ID Apps for iPhone.



Hiya caller id app

Hiya comes first not because of its popularity but because the app does it work very well. This App is a fantastic way to identify any unknown number on your iPhone. It will show you the identity of the unknown number that is ringing your iPhone. You can also use the Hiya to blacklist numbers to stop unwanted numbers from calling and texting you. The Hiya is free for download and it comes with a huge Spam database.

#2 Truecaller


This is the one I’m presently using. Truecaller has proven to be the best Caller ID not only for iPhone but for Android as well. It has a massive database of phone numbers with their details. Truecaller will identify almost all the numbers that are calling you, it will display their name, location, and the mobile Carrier. You can also use the Truecaller to block spam Numbers as well. They have a community-run database that keeps spam numbers and they will identify if such number is trying to call you. Did you also know, you can use Truecaller to make a call free with Zero balance?.

#3 Me – Caller ID

Me – Caller ID

Me – the Caller ID will keep you protected from random telemarketers, scam calls, and more. The works of this App is to fight against spammers and scammers. The App can also warn you of potential spam or malicious numbers. Furthermore, it comes with an SMS spam protection feature, which protects you from malicious messages.

#4 Caller-ID


Caller-ID does it work by using mapping and geo-location data to give you an approximate point of where your caller is calling from. Amazing right? Apart from that, it also gives accurate information to those who reside in the United States or Canada. This App is good at identifying about 70% of wireless and VoIP numbers.

#5 Showcaller


Just like Truecaller, Showcaller will identify almost any phone number coming through, and even give you an idea of the location and also the type of device calling you. It also comes with a spam notification system that will notify you whenever a number that’s calling is a spam number.  You can also use the Showcaller to blacklist phone numbers.

#6 WhosCall


This App offers you the basic number identification. In other words, it helps to identify Spam calls and also warn you. You can report any number and it will be added to the Spam dataBase. You can also blacklist numbers with WhosCall.

#7 Mr. Number

Mr. Number

This App is basically for blocking unwanted calls on your iPhone. It also identifies & stops spam, scam, and fraud. Users can easily use the App to block unwanted numbers on their iPhones.

#8 CallerSmart


This is another free Caller ID App for iPhone and iPad. It comes with features to block numbers and it also helps to investigate who’s behind those phone numbers and SMS.
You can use the app to protect your device from unwanted calls and texts.

#9 CallApp


This App allows you to know who’s behind those calls and it helps to block marketers and unwanted calls. The good news is that you can also use the app to record phone calls on your iPad and iPhone. Additionally, you can use the CallApp to track the location where the calls are coming from.

#10 Reverse Phone Lookup

phone lookup

You can use this free iPhone Caller App to quickly identify who has called or texted you. It also identifies Spam calls and as you have imagined, you can use the app to block unwanted numbers and SMS.


As you can see, there are many Caller ID Apps for iPhone and iPad, however, it’s only a few that are worth testing. So if you are looking for the best Caller ID App to identify Numbers on your iPhone X, iPhone XR, or even the iPhone 8 or an iPad, this is the best list to choose from.

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