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Ufone Caller Tunes Code 2023 – UTunes Code & Activation

You must have known that the Ufone Tunes let your friends and family listen to your favorite tune every time they put a call to you. In this post, we will show you the Ufone tunes subscription codes 2021 and how to subscribe and unsubscribe as well.

ufone caller tunes

How to Subscribe to Ufone Calling Tunes – UTunes 2022

With this subscription, you’re giving your friends and family the opportunity for them to hear their favorite tone whenever they called you. In other words, instead of making your caller listen to the traditional ringing tone, with Ufone Tunes, your caller can now listen to your chosen Ufone Tune.

You can also choose your favorite music, naat sharif, Bollywood or just new modern music from a list of Ufone content databases that you love and subscribe to the service. The fees not that much though, below is the price and the subscription code for 2020.

Ufone Caller Tunes Code 2022

To subscribe to this service, simply dial *666# or send a sub to 666

  • Price: Rs 1.68 Per Day.
  • Subscription code: Sub to 666
  • Un-subscription code: Unsub to 666
  • Charges: Rs 1.68 Per Day

Ufone UTunes Features 2022

  • While listening to the favorite songs of tune when you call your friend, press * to activate
  • UTunes service and copy your friends UTune
  • You can also present a UTune to a friend
  • It allows you to Record Your UTune on 666 IVR
  • You can manage your Utune library by visiting Utunes Portal OR download or download the mobile app.

Terms & Conditions of Ufone Caller Tunes 2022

  • To unsubscribe from the Utunes SMS ‘unsub’ to 666
  • Regional (Federal/Provincial) taxes may apply.
  • Your mobile SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification (PTA)

Ufone utunes search by name

You can choose any song you want using the name. All you have to do is to search for UTunes from the current library of songs by sending song names, movie names or the singer’s name to shortcode 6766.

After that, they will now reply to you with a list of songs matching the keywords that have been sent. Remember, SMS charges to 6766 are Rs. 2+ tax/SMS whereas the browsing charges in the SMS menu are Rs.0.50+T/SMS.

Ufone utunes activation

To activate got the Ufone UTunes is also simple and straightforward. Just send in in SMS SUB to 6666. Or you can also Dial *6666# from your number or better still, visit your nearest Ufone Sales & Services Franchise or Retailer to get this offer activated. The price is Rs. 1.55 daily.

That’s all friends, you can even use your favorite Bollywood 2020 song as your Ufone UTunes. Get this and makes it’s entertaining calling your line.

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