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Best NYC Street Parking App For iPhone & Android

New York City is a busy and popular City and as such, getting a parking space is a nightmare. It’s not only a dense City of America, but New York City is also a major tourist attraction as well, making traffic and parking problems worse. Finding a nice parking space off the City could take hours or even more which should not be like that. With the right tools, anyone can find a nice parking space within a few minutes straight from your iPhone parking app.

NYC Parking App

Below are the best NYC parking apps for an iPhone or any iOS device. Not sure of which one to pick? Check out the app review and where to download them.

ParkNYC Parking App


We all know that parking with City sponsor space could be frustrating sometimes. This is because you will have to keep your eye on the meter. Meaning you almost have to plan your trip around the meter so that you won’t get cited for expired space. Where the ParkNYC comes in is that it makes everything easier for you. All you got to do is to sign up for the ParkNYC app, let them know what meter you parked at, and then it will notify you when the expiry time comes close.

You can also add time and pay for it right with your debit or credit cards. The app also gives you a parking receipt via your email and has a record of your NYC parking emailed to you as well – which you can use when it comes to tax time and write off those business expenses.

ParkWhiz Meter Parking App


ParkWhiz is different from ParkNYC in the sense that you can identify and find a parking space. The app also worked to broker a large number of spots in parking garages around America, allowing it to offer spots to you at lower prices than you would find on your own if you drove off the street. The ParkWhiz works all across the US, so if you are visiting New York City for the first time, you will need to choose from their list of locations in NYC and see which one comes with the best parking price.

Payment is made either in advance and you can also reserve your spot for the day. However, if you are in another city, you can just enter the name and see what’s available.

BestParking Parking App


BestParking is another good NYC parking app worth taking a look at. No matter where you are in New York City, the app will allow you to quickly and easily find a good place for parking.

BestParking is also handy because it helps you to compare parking prices so that you always get the best rate, no matter the time and the City. What’s more, Best parking also allows you to book parking at airports as well. As you can see, this app makes it easy to find a parking space anywhere in New York City.

JustPark Street Parking App


JustPark is similar to some of the other parking apps on our list. It allows users to find a nice parking space in New York City and all over the world. No matter where you are going, the app easily helps you to find a parking space with over 20,000 reservable parking locations. It features street parking, parking lots, parking garages, and many more. JustPark also offers a JustPark, meaning you can reserve, pay for it, and get instructions for the parking spot, and more.

SpotHero Parking App


This is another great app for parking space. The SpotHero has similar features to the ParkWhiz. The difference here is that it does not offer you major discounts on spots in parking garages. All you have to do is to choose the City you are in, and then the SpotHero will help you find any open and free parking space for your car.

It also has additional features to make group parking easy. You can add up to five cars to your group to easily manage your parking space. You will choose the day and the time you want to park and it will bring out the prices, allowing you to compare the prices and location. You can book your parking space in advance as well.


ParkMobile Parking App


This is one of the most recommended parking apps for iOS. ParkMobile helps you identify and find locations where you can park your vehicle be it on the street or garage. It gives users up to 50% discount in comparison to just walking into a garage. One of the large major highlights is that they’re available 24/7 every week. Their prices are negotiable and they also offer help support for any parking issues.

SpotAngel Parking App


SpotAngel is another cool and nice parking apps. It’s community-run and as such it’s available in a variety of large metro locations, includes New York City. With this app, you will be able to snag up-to-date information on free and paid parking spots that are opening up, their location, and pricing as well.

It gives you the info on where free parking and paid parking garage are so you don’t have to pay anything. Not just that, it also gives you a chance of getting a free parking spot, saving some money in parking fees.


As you can see, everything seems to be very easy with the help of technology. Even parking now has tons of applications that will not only save us time but also money as well.
Above, we have listed the best parking apps in New York City for iPhone and iPad.

Some of the apps are also available for Android and you can use them anywhere in the world to find free and paid parking space for your car. The Parkmobile seems to be the best among all as it saves you some money. Which one will you choose or recommend for anyone? Over to you. So here you can easily locate a nice street in NYC to park your ride.

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