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10 Best Eternal Jukebox Alternatives

A jukebox is a machine that displays audio music when a coin is inserted into it. This machine is typically gaudy with an illuminated cabinet having various varieties of records that can be selected by push buttons. It is a music device that is partially automated usually when a coin or money is inserted into it.

The jukebox was first invented in the united states of America in the year 1940 and it’s still in existence till now although it’s pretty rare to find these days. In ancient times, it was known as a machine that can stream songs through an app on your phone.

This device is a neural net that generates music in audio form in a large variety of genres and artists. Jukebox is a music recorder player which is well programmed to generate Audio music and also make a selection for the music of your choice through its push buttons which have letters and numbers in them.

The jukebox can be used in restaurants and bars in other to make the place lively and also entertain the people there. Jukebox in our modern-day is a social media player which allows you to create a music room in seconds where share songs to a large number of people, devices, and speakers regardless of their location.

10 Best Eternal Jukebox alternatives.

Jukebox is undoubtedly a very the good machine or device for generating audio music and sharing it to all parts of the world but there are other devices like this that were invented over time to serve the same purpose as the Jukebox.

The alternatives below can serve as a replacement for the Jukebox in case it is not available at the moment. These alternatives and competitors are:

  1. Radio.


Radio is a wireless piece of electronic device which makes and responds to radio waves. The Radio waves transmit music, conversations, pictures invisibly through air and convert them into sound for the people to access. The Radio was invented by twoitalianinventors known as Guglielmo Marconi and kikolai Tesla in the mid-1890s.

They first developed the idea of radio or wireless telegraph which took shape in 1895. The Radio is an ancient means of communicating through the transmission of news, music and other types of programs through sound or Audio means in a broadcast station.

It uses electromagnetic radiation to communicate electrical signals without wire to create sound broadcasting. The radio is very portable and easy to go around with and does not need any form of registration or sign up with no charges.

It does not only transmit sound and television signals but it also transmits data in a coded matter. The radio is sometimes called the blind medium of communication because the audience cannot see the performer(vice versa).

Characteristics of a Radio.

Good Radio communication must possess the following characteristics which makes it very effective and efficient. These characteristics are:

1. It is informative

Good Radio communication must give an accurate account of the information which it wishes to share to the public. The main objective of inventing this device was to communicate and inform people of the happening in and around the world.

  1. It is educative.

A Radio is seen as a device that provides current News about the affairs and happenings of the country. It also educates and teaches students and the public about some important things which they don’t know. You can learn a lot from this device whenever an educative lesson is been shared.

3. It is entertaining

On the Radio, old and latest music can be heard and listened to, by the public as well as comedy shows in an audio form in other to ease the stress of people and make them smile.

In the Radio, there are different varieties of uses which allows you to get your desired one by pressing on the buttons there till you get to the one you want. The Radio has the ON/OFF button, the forward and backward button, and the Volume button.

2. Festify

Festify is a free powered-party app that allows your guest to choose their desired song which they want to be played using their smartphones. This app takes your most-listened-to Spotify artist and creates a visual line-up so that you can share it with your friends.

It allows you to vote on your favorite song which you want to be played at a party. With Festify you can throw an amazing party with your friends using a premium Spotify account by downloading the Festifyapp. They can choose the playlist by voting in their preferred song and whenever the DJ gets tired there will be another playlist to fall back on.

The music that gets the highest votes gets played first and the second in line follows next till it gets to the last on the playlist. Festify takes the user most listened music for Spotify artists and creates a visual line-up that can be shared with friends, peer groups,s, and family members which brings fun and entertainment.

Characteristics of FESTIFY.

1. In Festify there is democratic voting of songs that enables guests to vote, using their party code to enter the favorite song and it plays the song according to the highest number of votes. They are no partiality in this app, everyone can cast their votes concerning their preferred song and the winner gets their song played first on the playlist followed by the second in line.

2. It is powered by Spotify

Festify uses Spotify’s amazing music library which has different songs that can enable your guest to choose different types of tracks.

3. It is very easy to set up a party in Festifyjust by login into your Spotify premium account.

4. Festify is based on a browser that makes it accessible to everyone anywhere and at any time.

5. It has a TV mode that is designed to look good on your computer, notebook, TV, or projector. The fan art of each playlist automatically appears in the background or screen.

3. SongMash


Songmash is an app that creates a collaborative Spotify playlist for you based on your most recent preferences. It curates a playlist for you and your friends by allowing you to choose between two songs at every step of each survey and each choice is imputed in the machine learning model.

It makes it very easy and simple to find songs which you have in common with your friends. Songmash enables everyone to invite their friends to a mash thereby critically checking their favorite song with reference to the recent songs played and curating it to the playlist which everyone would like.

Songmash automatically creates a party playlist that will satisfy there musical preference of as many attendees as possible. The sole aim of this app is to generate a playlist that is based on your friend’s playlist.

Characteristics of Songmash

1. It creates a Spotify playlist based on a user’s preference. While using the Spotify API, you can generate the playlist through an authorized user account and use Spotify ends to view and play it.

2. Determining a listener’s similar habits is a challenge in data analysis.

4. Dubtrack


Dubtrack is a social DJ site where users can find and share quality trending latest tunes into a user’s generated playlist created by music lovers around the globe. This music social sharing website allows you to create and join rooms where you can play and listen to music with other people.

Dubtrackproduce high-quality tunes into a user’s playlist which are used by music lovers to locate, listen and share music with others.

Characteristics of Dubtrack

1. It finds and shares the latest trending tunes into the user’s playlist. This platform is mostly called the DJ versions which comes in form of sound system reggae because of the quality tunes it brings to the table and shares it with various people around the world.

2. It is double of the existing song which could be instrumental, Records, drums, and bass to proud another sound or tune.

5. Switchboard Music

Switchboard Music

Switchboard music enables users to listen to music together, through the intercom of keeping video/voice chats open for a while for an absolute spontaneous conversation. You can listen to your music with your friends and automatically adjusts its volume whenever someone speaks or says something. It supports and presents innovative and eclectic music from the Bay area and beyond.

In the switchboard music, people cannot only listen to music with their various parties but they can actually talk and see your parties in a chat which is indefinitely open. It let your parties create or start up a music group and take turns to be the DJ.

Characteristics of switchboard

1. It has different audio channels which include music, video, or ambient sound.

2. It can transfer to interphone call to the urban line towards a specific number which signals the activities been performed.

3. There is the prevalence of communication towards the telephone switchboard.

  1. Jamhub


Jamhub is a great rehearsal tool that was invented in 2009 to help local kids play more music and record the sounds done during rehearsals in the studio. It allows you to have a band anywhere and anytime in your comfort zone without disturbing anyone.

With the clarity of headphones and in-ears, you can hear what you need to hear in other to improve your sound quality. You can record and capture the best quality mix, get the energy of your band at its best and share it for the world to see.

JamHub has three products which are Greenroom, bedroom, and TourBus. These products are easy to operate headphone monitor mix system that allows users to Jam without having to cause noise or disturbance. It is really sad to say that this amazing tool is no longer in operation.

Characteristics of JamHub

1. The quality of the sound produced by JamHub is crazy and makes it very interesting for you when playing with other musicians.

2. It captures live sessions for post-production. It captures every activity done in the studio during rehearsals which is in audio form, saves, and shares it.

7. Lisn

Lisn is an app that provides you with the tools for both the user and the creator to clip segments of their most desired podcast episode and share them directly to your social media platform or app. It can increase your audience size in no time just by creating your own short-length clip and sharing them for the view of the world so can your audience. Sadly, the company shut down the app.

Characteristics of Lisn

1. It creates a relationship between the user and the creator or producer.

2.It allows users to make and share their own clips with your audience and the world at large.

8. Tunemeet


Tunemeet is a musical platform where you can chat or have conversations with different people who are currently listening to the same song as you. On this platform, there is a large possibility of you making new friends and meeting new people online as well as enjoying your favorite music together.

This platform is a social plus music app that matches you with people who are listening to the same music as you at that particular moment, communicate or chat with them for more fun and entertainment.

Characteristics of Tunemeet

1. It automatically matches you with people who are listening to the same song as you.

2. you can chat, share and enjoy music together for more entertainment.

9. Musify


Musify is a simple music player app that is easily controlled from the status bar. You can easily find your preferred music and millions of tracks on your device through the music. It converts the playlist to mp3, m4a wave format with the original sound quality.

Online Music and videos files can be converted to your desired audio format in less than no time using Musify. Musify is a very easy platform to use which enables you to access your favorite content online and convert it.

Musify helps you grow your audience and interact in an innovative manner with them by understanding their preferences.

Characteristics of Musify

1. It allows you to download songs and albums from playlists through YouTube and Spotify.

2. It helps you to get user emails and filter them in specific communication.

3. It links every song to the most popular streaming services.

10. Outloud social Jukebox

Outloud social Jukebox

This is an app that allows your friends to control your playlist or music at your party at no cost. In outloud social Jukebox, you are expected to set up a playlist, have your friends add songs, then upvote or downvote songs and get the highest votes song played. When organizing a social gathering or party this app serves as a kind of Jukebox with has so many varieties of songs that you can choose from and also add your own tune to the playlist for either a private or public occasion.

Characteristics of Outloud  social Jukebox

1. It unites the party using the central screen that shows all playlist activities.

2. It invites everyone to use the app using their mobile phones.

3. It allows your friends to gain control of the music at the party by using the highest votes song to play on the playlist and also adding their own tunes which are preferred by them.


Here you have the best list of jukebox alternatives. Yes, these are the best app or music sites that you can use to have a wonderful time with your friends and family listening to cool music and as well can share them with anyone online or offline.

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