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Best Floor Plan Apps for iPhone & iPad (2023)

Planning and creating floor plans for a house is a big deal and requires a bit of technical know-how. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. There are a few apps that would help you out with floor plans, they would do the measurements and generally, take out most of the work from Floorplanning. In this post, you shall be exposed to some of the best floor plan apps you can find right now.

Floor Plan Creator

If you’re going for precision and accuracy in your floor plan design, then Floor Plan Creator is your guy. It’s filled full with features that ensure that you create a very detailed floor plan. You can create a 3D rendition of multiple floor rooms, and get automatic calculations for parameters like room area, perimeter, etc. It even allows you to use a supported laser meter (if you have them). The base app is free, but you can upgrade to Basic or the Pro plan (which is $5 and $10 respectively). Get it for Android Here.

Grapholite Floor Plan

This is a minimalistic, user-friendly floor plan app that manages to stock up on features. It allows you to create floor designs more traditionally (other than 3D rendition). It allows you to add virtual details such as tables and furniture. The app is basically free, but you’d have to pay to be able to export created plans.


MagicPlan is one of the most popular award-winning house planning app you can find out there right now. You get to create floor plans more traditionally (just like Grapholite Floor Plan), and create floor plans directly on image files. However, the app is for select supported Android devices (devices with AR Core compatibility), and requires that you pay (either per time or monthly) to be able to access the full features. Get the app for Android and iOS.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is geared towards remodeling and redesign. It allows you to create 2D and 3D floor plans from scratch, and do things such as adjusting the wall thickness in the process of creating 3D floor plans renditions.

It’s got a ton of furniture elements and accessories to aid your design, and you get to do things like importing pictures, changing wall colors, and so on. The Basic app is free, but you don’t get to save or export your designs. To be able to do that, you’d need to upgrade to Classic, Gold or Gold Plus versions (which cost $0.99, $10, and $20 respectively). Download Home Design 3D forAndroid and iOS.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This app helps you in coming up with fresh ideas for interior designs and floor plans. It offers millions of HD photos and plans that could assist you in designing your own house as you’d like.

It’s got proper annotation tools so you keep down ideas; it’s even got a visual match feature that helps you make the purchase of the exact same product you see in a picture. The app is completely free (but contains ads) and be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Floor Plan Apps FAQs

What is the Best Free Floor Plan software?

Rather surprisingly, there are quite a handful of Floor Plan apps for iOS and Android alike, but aforelisted are some of the best (free or paid) floor plan apps you can get right now.

What is the easiest floor plan software?

A good fraction of paid floor plan apps are quite user-friendly, but Grapholite Floor Plan is probably the simplest, most minimal floor plan app you’d find, and it’s still as feature-rich as ever.

What’s the best Floor plan app for iPad?

Most of the listed apps are available on iOS, which is basically what the iPad runs on. Thus, you can get them for your iPad too!

How do you make an accurate floor plan?

While floor plan apps would help you do most of the work, they are not the absolute substitute for proper architectural designs. Traditional architectural designs are the only way you can guarantee an accurate floor plan.

What scale is used for floor plans?

There are set architectural metrics and scales, and it is required that floor plans are kept close to these standards.

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