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What Is Spool.exe? A Virus Or Malware And Uninstall

What is Spool.exe and why does it keep popping up? Is it a virus? This article will explain what spool.exe does, how to fix it if it’s causing issues, and how to properly uninstall it. 

Plus, there’s a video that shows you exactly how to get rid of the pesky process so you can have some peace and quiet again! So stop the annoying pop-ups from Spool.exe today!


The file spool.exe is not a virus or malware, but it does have the potential to cause some problems for Windows users. In the simplest terms, it’s what your computer uses to store print jobs before they are printed out by the printer. 

This program can be found on any Windows PC and you don’t need to worry about this causing harm as long as you don’t delete it from your machine without knowing what you’re doing first.

What Is Spoolsv.exe?

Spoolsv.exe has been found to be a security threat, as it may lead to a virus infection that can cause serious damage to your PC.

 If you are seeing spoolsv.exe on your computer system, you should consider running an anti-malware scan immediately to detect any malware threats that may be lurking on the machine.  What is csrss.exe? Csrss.exe belongs to Microsoft Corporation software, part of the Windows NT family of operating systems such as Windows 7.

 It’s essential for managing console applications. It allows users to change the console window’s size, color, and position on their desktop; move windows between screens; create multiple desktops; switch between virtual desktops, and share one desktop with another user via Remote Desktop Connection. It also manages child processes created by other console applications.

Is This File A Spyware, Trojan, Or Virus?

Spool.exe is a Windows process that deals with the printing process, so it can’t be classified as a virus or malware in any way. However, there have been cases where spool.exe was part of a trojan attack on the computer system, which would make it either spyware or malware instead of just a Windows process. 

The best advice to prevent this problem is to keep your antivirus up-to-date and always run scans every now and then to detect anything unusual.

The best advice to prevent this problem is to keep your antivirus up-to-date and always run scans every now and then to detect anything unusual. 

is likely due to how many people believe they need anti-spyware software installed when they don’t; another reason might be the number of malware infections linked to this file, which has also resulted in an increase in viruses across all systems ().

 If you want to remove this file from your system, simply right-click on it and select Delete. If you want more information about what that means, go here:

Is It Safe To Remove spoolsv.exe From The Task Manager Processes?

Spoolsv.exe is a Windows process that manages printing jobs from the print spooler, which stores documents in a queue before sending them to the printer for outputting to paper.

 It’s safe to remove this process from your Task Manager processes, as it can be recreated when required by Windows. You may also see an instance of this running on Mac OS X or Linux systems as well, so if you find one then you’ll need to perform the same steps with your respective version of system software. 

*If you have no issues then there are various steps below which will help you in removing Spoolsv.exe.

  1. Select More Details from the dropdown box 
  1. Copy down the full name (eg., C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe)
  1. Open your Control Panel
  1. Click Programs
  1. Click Programs and Features
  1. Find Spoolsv 
  1. Right-click on Spoolsv
  1. Choose Uninstall
  1. Click OK

The spoolsv.exe process using high CPU

The spoolsv.exe process has high CPU usage, which can lead to a slow computer. It can also cause the computer to freeze because the spoolsv.exe process can take up all of the available system resources when it’s in use. 

The spoolsv.exe process is not a virus or malware by itself, but it could be related to other malware on your computer that you need to remove.  

Remove any suspicious programs from your computer, then scan it for viruses or malware using an antivirus program. If you don’t have an antivirus program installed yet, we recommend installing one before removing any suspicious programs from your computer.

How To Uninstall Spool.exe

To uninstall spool.exe, you must first identify what it is running on your system. If you have a Windows operating system, the program will be found in the C:\Windows\System32 folder by default. If you have an Apple OSX operating system, the file can be located in the Applications folder under Utilities.

 The file will not run without installation so there should not be any files to delete. If there are other programs with this name, then uninstalling them will help as well. 

Spools.exe Generates Errors And Will Be closed By Windows

The spoolsv.exe file is a Windows program that handles printing on Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The spoolsv.exe file can be found in the C:\Windows\System32 folder of the computer it resides on or in the C:\Windows folder in Windows 10, to avoid confusion with any other spoolsv files that may exist on your system. 

Spoolsv.exe generates errors because it’s not set up properly: One way to prevent errors from being generated by the spoolsv.exe file is to use Group Policy Manager under Administrative Tools to configure the print drivers in your domain or workgroup environment so they point at shared printers on different servers instead of local printers attached directly to client computers.


Spool.exe is a harmless file that has been incorrectly identified as malware by some anti-virus programs, such as AVG AntiVirus, Avast, and McAfee Security Scan Plus.

 These types of false alarms are common for files like this, but they can be easily avoided if people take the time to research the file before panicking. 

The executable will create a printer queue on your computer that prints jobs from any software you choose, whether it’s Microsoft Word or notepad. 

In order to start printing jobs on your newly created printer queue, you must double-click on the spool.exe executable in order to open up its control panel

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